In 1968 the San Francisco Port Authority was created on behalf of all Californians. The Burton Act mandated the San Francisco Port Authority to conduct all businesses on Port property compatible with Maritime Uses. The Port was also advised to encourage Port uses that are environmentally friendly so that the Public would not be put in harms way.

Since 1968 the San Francisco Port Authority has seen many changes. Many of these changes on Port property have adversely affected the Public at large. Most of these businesses are linked to Port leases that do not have anything to do with Maritime Uses.

The renovated Ferry Building costing millions benefits some Private entities and the initiative was taken by vested interests.

The Port has a Master Plan that looks good on paper. The Port has NO Environmental Impact Report that covers the 7.5-mile Port property it has jurisdiction over. Currently the Port is working on one.

At Pier 70 the Port has permitted City Tow to lease its property. Many of the constituents of San Francisco pointed to the Port that this entity has been fleecing the constituents of San Francisco and others. City Tow employees vandalize cars that are towed and owners have no recourse but to vent. Pier 70 is a toxic dump and the Port knows about this.

At Pier 92 for over 8 years there was a huge toxic pile that the Port was fully aware of. When this fact was brought to the attention of the Port the Port wanted to use the toxic soil to build a road. It was only after I took this situation to the Department of Toxic and Substance Control at the State level, that the Port was mandated to get rid of the toxic soil at the expense of $1 million.

There are huge sections all over the Port property that has debilitated piers. These piers should be rehabilitated. Wharf-J is one of many sites that are polluted with toxic oil and other hazardous material. We are waiting for the Port to prepare its final Environmental Study on this and many sites.

There are many constituents who live in San Francisco and the greater Bay Area that have voiced their opinion about the proposed Cruise Ship Terminal. Cruise Ships pollute and independent investigation has revealed that Cruise Ships pollute even greater then the aging, toxic spewing Power Plant we have at Hunters Point.

The San Francisco Port Authority has not paid attention to what flows into the Bay. Recently it found out that it has run off from storm waters that all over Port property that harms the Bay water.

Independent study has found huge amount of Mercury into the Bay. There are areas like Herons Head Park, which is on Port property very near Hunters Point Power Plant, which is built on a toxic dump. The Port has permitted the use of this site to bringing young children and exposes them to pollution.

Again and again the San Francisco Port has shown blatant disregard when it comes to pollution on land, the air and the waters that surround the San Francisco Port Property.

We live in civilized times and the Port and others should be responsible to keep the land, the air and water as clean as possible. I represent the Muwekma Ohlone the First People of this area we call San Francisco.

Once this land was pristine with clear rivers, wet lands, hills, and land. Once we had fish and other animals in plenty. The air was fresh and not polluted. San Francisco sits on seven hills and all was good.

The San Francisco Port Authority has a responsibility to care for all Port property on behalf of the People of California. It is mandated to follow the Burton Act. All Public Trust Land, which is Port property, should be cared for so that no harm comes to the Public.

The Port has done injustice to the Public and more to the constituents of California. It is wrong to encourage polluting Cruise ships to pollute our Bay waters. It is wrong to allow polluted run off from storm waters all over Port property. It is wrong not to listen to those who desire a better quality of life. It is time the Port do right by the people who have spoken again and again.

Link to "Audit of Port of San Francisco Sought by Two San Francisco Supervisors"

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