The 4th Annual San Bruno Festival was held on October 1, 2006 and brought out folks from all over the City. San Bruno Avenue in San Francisco where the festival is held is the main through fare of the Portola District.

At one time there were hundreds of Maltese, French, Germans, and folks from the Eastern European Nations but today it is mostly Asian. The Chinese restaurants can be found in plenty and attract Asians from all over the City.

The City has decided after years of lack of planning to address a few paltry issues - some fragile sunset Maple trees and Queen Palms have been planted from Silver Avenue to Mansell Street.

Perhaps the only note worthy and striking good that has come out of the planning for this Fair are the Portola Banners that strike out.

There were lots of stalls and a variety of musicians. Enjoy the photographs.

San Bruno Festival website

Lot of folks.

Little Zoo.

Manuel's Karate Dojo in Action.


Officer McPherson.

Children having fun.

more photos

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