(09/28/08) In years past most of us who have lived, contributed, and love the Portola District have looked forward to any event that will bring the community together to make a big difference. Spread joy and make all happy.

Last year for the first time we saw the 5th Annual Portola Festival begin to deteriorate and we tried to bring this news to the attention of the Portola Neighborhood Steering Committee. As one would expect this year was drab - even though it was a sunny day and many children turned out for the festivities.

I reckon the Portola Neighborhood Steering Committee has no clue about other Neighborhood Fairs- I say this because if they did - things would improve and not get worse as the years go by. This committee must dismantle and pass the torch to a more capable, understanding, and deserving committee.

In years gone past - mention was made of the Portola Family Connections one of the Fiscal Agents as not putting much effort to serve the community. This year they were joined by the Community Initiatives - and given the poor organization and mediocre stalls - the community is wondering what the hell is happening?

Normally you have the San Francisco Police Department representing - they were missing in action - with no stall. You have a couple of stalls selling Art Work - there was not one of repute. You have a couple of food stalls - the smell of BBQ works - none of that this year.

You have one of kind stalls selling Art from Africa - forget about that this year. At every neighborhood fair you will see the folks from Peru selling those warm woolen scarves and other accessories - the all were missing in action.

The rock climbing was a center piece in years gone by - some how, some one made no attempt to give us - variety. You had two stalls - with dubious folks trying to entice people into Real Estate - I thought that was strange. San Bruno contributes millions to the coffers of this City - and some attempt must be made by Mayor Gavin Newsom and the Mayorıs Office of Economic Development to put some teeth into our Portola Festival.

If the present Portola Neighborhood Steering Committee cannot deliver- and they find it too hot in the kitchen - let them permit others to take over and shine. And please make sure the District Nine Supervisor is there - present.

The entire Portola Festival is held from Sillman Street to Bacon Street. It falls entirely in District 9 and the local Supervisor is Tom Ammiano. He was no where to be found. The rascal has been voted to represent in the State Assembly and his conspicuous absence every year has been noted. Good riddance of very bad rubbish.

Of course Supervisor Sophina Maxwell will drag her fat ass to steal any show. She comes around noon time - makes her rounds - brags a lot, takes credit for this drab festival and leaves with a bouquet of flowers. How very appropriate for a sell out that is in bed with Lennar. A corporation that has polluted our children and elders and dares to sponsor our Portola Festival. Decent folks that live in the Portola District do not appreciate this blood money. Lennar has nothing to do with our District and the less we turn to Lennar - the better.

The November Election are upon us so the regular politicians were canvassing and vying for votes. I know all of them and made sure I welcomed them to the Portola District and wished them well. Hopefully, the ensuing November, 08 Election will bring change and a new District 9 Supervisor who will change how business is done - and next year we have a first class Portola Festival.

The ROTC showed up this year and the two young women that manned the table were doing a fine job. ROTC stands for discipline and makes a better person of those participating in that discipline. There is no pressure to join the war effort - not as long as those joining the military are not - forced.

There was choo-choo train and I saw the children enjoy themselves. Candy cotton and some toys to win and the youth and small children were busy persuading their parents to buy them eats and buy them tickets to win - prizes.

There was a cut-out Barack Obama who looked good where he stood. I saw a cut-out of Sarah Palin on a pole - she smiled but to be sincere - did not stand tall as did Barack. Conchita and her husband Mr. Applegate were there as Republicans - daring to venture in Democratic Territory - watch out Fiona Ma.

We saw the blue prints for the North East Medical Services facility - it will be built where the San Bruno Boys and Girls Club served - thousands. The NEMS stall every year has the largest amount of curious folks wanting some bag or gift that attracts them to their stall. Some wait in line for hours - just to make themselves - happy with a souvenir - made in China.

The Portola District is now recognized with the City and County of San Francisco with its own district. Approved by the San Francisco Department of Elections. Great men and women have contributed to the Nation and the world and they have come from the Portola District. One Susan Summers comes to mind - an actress of repute.

During the 1906 Earthquake nothing much happened to our District. So, as good folks we piled the carts with food and drove to those that needed help. Mission and Valencia Streets were burned down - and thousands took refuge at the Presidio of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Park. To this day many remember the generosity of those that hail from our good District.

Today, one of the largest Reservoirs lies in the Portola District ­ it supplies clean drinking water to the whole Financial District. Decent hard working folks from the Portola District contribute to the City and County of San Francisco - and many a City Manager and worker are proud they hail from the Portola District.

We in the Portola District have facilities be they playgrounds, a large Park, thousands of well built homes on solid ground, and neighborhoods that stick together. This racist City must remember we all pay taxes and the least it can do is put some effort and put on a first class Portola Festival. We would prefer not to have one - then a drab Portola Festival - managed by some dubious fiscal entities with ties to Tom Ammiano - a slick politician who does not - represent.

We want a quarterly report from the Portola Neighborhood Steering Committee. Some meeting where we can meet to find out exactly why this one event - the only event that can bring the community together - is taken lightly and who are the ones that are responsible for this lack luster - fair of sorts.

Enjoy the photographs:

Sixth Annual Portola Festival

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