We have a number of so called Environmentalists who are hand in glove with the crooks who want to exploit the people. Heading this group is Supervisor Sophie Maxwell. If she and the so called Environmentalist had any compassion for the community they all would have agreed on one issue clean up the shipyard but also stop the pollution surrounding the Southeast area.

In other words it is very true the Hunters Point Shipyard is toxic and needs billions of dollars to clean up but we also have numerous other sources of pollution that the Supervisor and the so-called Environmentalists are paying lip service to. Who will mitigate and stop the pollution? Who is looking into cumulative pollution?

One does not need to be very clever to understand that it is very harmful to go near an old toxic polluting power plant. We have two in the Southeast Sector - Mirant and the Hunters Point power plant.

Now Pier 98 is very near the Hunters Point toxic power plant. It does make good sense not to allow our children or anyone to go near this toxic dumpsite. The air, land and water are polluted with PCBs, lead, mercury, and a host of other toxins.

Sophie Maxwell and some environmentalists have allowed thousands of children to go near the toxic dumpsite that is Pier 98. Next to it the old Hunters Point toxic power plant spews thousands of tons of toxins every year.

Near Mirant power plant closer to Dog Patch, there are plans to erect three more small power plants and this is wrong. The Mirant plant discharges thousands of tons of toxins into the air. Now, if you allow these small power plants also called by a fancy name Combustible Turbines we will allow the accumulation of thousands of tons of added pollution.

What is more the 3 small power plants will use water from the, Raw Sewage Plant to cool its system. So when the vapor gets into the air it will contain pathogens that are very harmful to living beings. Why would anyone want to mess with such type of stuff in this day and age?

Why would Sophie Maxwell, the few corrupt environmentalists want such toxic Combustible Turbines when we can upgrade, replace, and maintain our Transmission Lines?

The Precautionary Principle is a guiding principle to prevent any harm done to the environment and to human health. It takes care not adversely impact communities and our City and County of San Francisco has embraced the Precaution Principle. But the City and County of San Francisco does not want to follow the Precautionary Principle. Why? Because the idiots are not educated on issues.

The release and use of toxic substances is what is being released at the Hunters Point power plant and the same at the Mirant power plant. Physical alterations of the environment affect human beings we all know this but yet the City and County of San Francisco continues to turn a blind eye to the Asthma, Cancer, and other respiratory diseases plaguing Visitation Valley, Bayview Hunters Point and the surrounding areas.

The world knows about these pollutants and the Southeast Sector of San Francisco. They City and County of San Francisco continues to heap its garbage on people of color and is testing the will of the people. Enough is Enough.

It is wrong for so called uneducated environmentalists because they are getting grants from the City and County of San Francisco to sleep in bed with those who want to generate energy like the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) and the San Francisco Environment that is a City agency. Of course these folks have all directly and indirectly got money from Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E).

Long before greed and developers came to the Southeast Area there were the Ohlone. There were two hills on the Hunters Point Shipyard. The hills on the Shipyard were demolished and with it the Shellmounds. The hills were like the Bayview Hill that Espanola Jackson and others helped preserved. This was done because the hill has Shellmounds that are Sacred Burial Grounds of the Ohlone in this case the Muwekma Ohlone.

The surrounding areas very mostly real wetlands. Greed and developers filled in the land and built homes. Before they did this they stole the land from the Ohlone. In the 1940's the Navy took the land from those that owned it privately through Eminent Domain. Then when the Navy took it they polluted it to maximum.

There are hundreds of hot spots on the Hunters Point Shipyard that are polluted with radiological elements. Why so? Hunters Point Shipyard was the premiere testing and building site for Atomic Weapons on the West Coast. The residue of these tests was shattered all over the Shipyard. Much of it has leached into the watershed and other areas that were once pristine.

The paradox is radiological stuff takes thousands of years to be neutralized. As things stand today these radiological elements, PCBs, Lead, Mercury, Asbestos, Methane Gas and a host of other toxins are found everywhere.

Where is the Precautionary Principle? The City and County of San Francisco, the Mayor's Office of Economy Development, The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (the most corrupt agency) the San Francisco Health Department are call playing with fire.

Hopefully the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Toxic and Substances Control will exert pressure and NOT sign off on any Parcel that the City and County of San Francisco desires to build homes on.

The Precautionary Principle is a principle that helps to adjudicate and mitigate issues. Right now most of the people suffering are people of color and those who want to develop the land Whites. Once the Whites stole the land. The Whites then took it under Eminent Domain. They polluted the land. Now they do not want to clean the land but want people of color to live on the polluted land. Only fools will live on that land and what is more pay big money to live on it. And only fools will work on the land that has the worst type of toxins.

Ask the City and County of San Francisco about the Precautionary Principle? That is the PRINCIPLE that can save the people from the CROOKS.

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