The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) has never ever helped the constituents in the right way. Most African Americans remember the Fillmore; others remember the dirty tricks SFRA will employ to cheat people out of their homes and land using Eminent Domain.

The SFRA bears full responsibility to give compensation to many Japanese Americans in the Fillmore whose homes were stolen when World War II war declared. These were American citizens and the Federal Government meted out great injustice to them. The City of San Francisco and later San Francisco Redevelopment saw nothing in stealing many properties that belonged to the Japanese in the Fillmore and think that history has not recorded their devious actions.

Once all of the Southeast Sector belong to the First People. In this case the Muwekma Ohlone. Early settlers stole the land from the First People. Then in the late 1940's and early 1950's the Navy used Eminent Domain to grab the land so that they could use it for the War Effort.

The Navy destroyed two large hills (Shellmounds) that stood tall on the Hunters Point Shipyard and polluted it with the worst of pollutants. Radiological hot spots are found all over the place and methane gas is flowing every where. Many highly classified atomic experiments were done at Hunters Point and scars of these experiments will haunt the desecrated land forever.

Shellmounds are Sacred Burial Grounds and nothing that ever takes places over the land and the soil that that was used after the Shellmounds were destroyed will prosper. We all make a big noise when it comes to the killing of millions of Jews and the Holocaust. Well, think about it for a second, this is what happened at Hunters Point Shipyard.

Not one square inch of the Hunters Point Shipyard has been archaeologically surveyed. This is a mandate under CEQA but the Navy and the Restoration Advisory Board listens but does nothing about it.

Not one square inch of the Shipyard has been transferred but waiting on the side line the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency waits to grab the land and develop it so that INNOCENT people are duped and live on the toxic land. Anyone who goes near that toxic land will suffer from serious health problems. Even those who work there not knowing what they are dealing with.

Plans are made to build 1600 housing units on Parcel A that has NO Environmental Impact Report done. There are over 8 serious Radiological Hotspots on Parcel A and nearby enough Methane Gas to blow the whole Parcel A a hundred times over. Only the most stupid and dumb idiots would dare build 1600 housing units on such land.

The boundaries have been changed and this in itself demands a fresh Environmental Impact Report (EIR).

Marcia Rosen and Jesse Blout think they can pull a fast one. But in this case they will fail. These two do not have the interests of the people they have they own petty interest which is motivated by Greed and Money.

Gavin Newson a newbie has no clue what is happening. He thinks he can handle the situation but has found himself in a quandary. If he takes on Parcel A he will take on liability. Billions of dollars of which he has none.

If any housing is built the Lennar BVHP LLC will have to fork out over 500% in insurance - the Insurance Companies are not dumb. And if Lennar forks out the money on the Insurance they will compromise on the quality of the building. Anyway one looks at it - Lennar will fail. Bottom line they should not build any housing on a toxic dump. They should never ever compromise on Quality of Life Standards.

I doubt Marcia Rosen and Jesse Blout have read the Precautionary Principle. I seriously doubt these two well-paid Whites know anything much about the community. They work for their salaries and that is the extent of their commitment to the community. The Negroes who follow them are sellouts and pathetic. Each and every one of them.

Any person with normal faculties can see that Parcel A is the worst site to build any housing on. Right now innocent poor people who live outside the borders of Parcel An are suffering from Cancer, Respiratory Diseases, and a host of other Serious Ailments. Thousands of them.

The San Francisco Health Department and the San Francisco General Hospital have done little to study and alleviate the suffering of the people who live around Parcel A. Shame on them.

San Francisco will NOT be able to continue their devious plans if the Insurance Companies have their way. The Insurance Companies are fully cognizant of the fact that Browfields and Radiological Hotspots can bring about lawsuits. San Francisco Redevelopment Agency has NO money - it wants to make money. Insurance companies will up the insurance payment up 500% - yes 500% You heard it here first.

The SFRA is plotting and conniving to get the City and County of San Francisco Housing Element passed. If this Housing Element passes then the SFRA can have access to certain funds that the State Government in Sacramento is not releasing. The City and County of San Francisco has been slow to release the Housing Element more because it does NO justice and allows high density in San Francisco. It does not address Quality of Life Standards. It does not follow CEQA. It has no workplan.

High density will destroy San Francisco and more importantly its infrastructure. We do not have the real capacity to take all the added raw sewage, waste of clean water from Hetch Hetchy, energy uses which have created blackouts, transportation issues, and very serious health and Quality of Life Issues affecting the ever growing Senior Citizens in San Francisco. Our schools and recreational facilities are falling apart.

The San Francisco Redevelopment is vying for the money from Sacrament tied to the passing of the Housing Element. It wants to use these funds to build very high buildings at the former TransBay Terminal. It wants to build 1600 housing units on a toxic dump that is Parcel A. It wants to make money off the backs of the poor and attract other to live and suffer the consequences of an unabated toxic dump.

The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency will face two factors that I hope will bring them to their knees. The insurance companies have raised their fees 400 percent and growing. The State should not give the SFRA one single dime linked to the Housing Element.

San Francisco Redevelopment Agency with Marcia Rosen is posed to prey on the poor and has no consideration what so ever what happens when Quality of Life standards are compromised. She surrounds herself with crooks and only in San Francisco is she tolerated.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has a case and is conducting serious investigations against three SF Redevelopment Agency Commissioners. It is time the FBI zeros in on Marcia Rosen and her cronies. The whole deal on Parcel A is ripe with corruption.

The Disposition and Development Agreement (DDA) was passed by forcing over 40 sub-committee public meetings by the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) who took orders from the very corrupt Willie Brown who was the Mayor at that time. 40 sub-committee meetings in one single month - at all times - some 4 sub-committee meetings a day!

The CAC prior to this met and could never get a quorum. Suddenly their numbers were increased to over 25 and some of them got paid to conduct these illegal meetings to force the passage of the DDA - December 2003 before thugs and other crooks who packed the room.

The CAC linked to Hunters Point today is licking its wounds but it was singly instrumental is causing a lot of damage and ruining any TRUST the community at large could have with it.

The CAC should represent the whole of San Francisco. Proposition P which called for Hunters Point Shipyard being cleaned to Residential Standards was passed by all of San Francisco not just a few corrupt Negroes on the take who chose not to take a stand for the community but follow the dictates of the corrupt Willie L. Brown Jr.

The Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) was initially formed to advice the Navy and work with the Navy to clean up the Shipyard.

Many of the initial meetings were devoid of any sensible dialog and companies like International Technologies (IT) wasted over 300 million dollars and declared bankruptcy trying to clean Hunters Point. I attended these early meetings and I do attend the RAB meetings now.

Today companies like Tetra Tech are operating under 3 or 4 proxy companies cooperating with sell outs like Young Community Developers to do some little clean up for bread crumbs.

Others like Olin Webb who cannot spell remediation is in the business itself with the help of Sophie Maxwell and some other cronies of Willie Brown who purport to be consultants but are indeed crooks. All of them African Americans. Black leaching off Blacks and backstabbing and dividing the community at large.

San Francisco will not permit the crooks that are San Francisco Redevelopment to fleece its constituents. In my opinion SFRA should be brought under the control of the Legislative Branch of the City and County of San Francisco. Failing that they should be disbanded.

If the TransBay Project is allowed constituents of San Francisco will pay for this fiasco for the rest of their lives by tax increments. Very few are paying attention to the amount of taxes we all have to pay in the future. Our population has decreased some 730,000 now less then it was some years ago.

Some weeks ago the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency held a fake meeting at the Bayview Opera House. The meeting was a joke. Thugs and crooks and other dump wannabies trying to talk about the past chosen crooks that had nothing to do with the DDA which was on the agenda.

Again and again it is the same thugs that SFRA props up thinking that the community is dumb. No decent person works with or for SFRA.

Developers want to ruin San Francisco and right there at the head among the worst crooks, San Francisco Redevelopment Agency. Beware of these crooks fight them now or forever hold your peace.

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