Private Industry Council has been in existence for a long time in the Bay Area. When they were first formed they played a key role in helping many Federal workers get retrained mostly as a result of the Base Closure Act. I remember having to working with Private Industry Council (PIC) in 1991.

In recent years PIC has become political and you find PIC employees wining and dining at fancy places making deals that mostly favor crooks. Money is the source of great evil and the Bayview Hunters Point with its myriad of Community Based Organizations has been a paradise for crooked and evil leaders with the blessings of PIC.

I am calling upon the State Attorney General to have PIC open its books and stop the abuse it has showered all these years on those who need help most. PIC loves red tape and paper work and keeping double books, which do not lead to Accountability and Transparency.

The State and Federal Government sometimes fails to understand that the worst enemies are right in their backyard. This fact is very true of PIC, which has played a prominent role in creating programs, which favor those who are in the inner circle. Their tactics are further complicated when vendors and choice crooks are taken for training or orientation sessions far away from the Bay Area. Once trained in unique ways these so called corrupt leaders from Community Based Organization are ready for Big Play and Big Time Money.

As I have stated ample times what pisses me off in when youth are used as statistics and money made off them. This is plain wrong and some crooks have made it their careers to prey on youth and those who are vulnerable. It is plain disgusting to work for an entity say like University of California and be on their pay roll an then make money on the side as a consultant. Making $8000 on the side on the backs of minority folks is an insult and the Bayview Hunters Point community better wake up.

I have been following these crooks and have caught them making deals at odd times in odd places when they should be at their place of work doing real work. The former Mayor of San Francisco who is history in a way encouraged these crooks to prey on the poor and our youth.

They say what goes around comes around and soon I hope these crooks learn their lesson once and for all. Again and again we in the Bayview Hunters Point have given up our responsibility, handed over our affairs to strangers who act like PIMPS. Pimping is a two way street and if one is not careful all the players pay a price. The reason is simple - one is playing with FIRE. When one gets too close to fire - one gets burned.

PIC has encouraged certain CBO leaders to continue in their evil ways. Now I hope the State Attorney General, the City Attorney, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation will conduct a through investigation and book these crooks who should spend some time behind bars to taste the low life treatment that is coming to them soon.

Once behind bars will really think of the of days they spent wasting tax payers money wining and dining and making deals - here, there, and everywhere. Always remember he or she that rides a high horse has a steep fall - and PIC your time has come. You all can run but you cannot hide.

PIC Board of Directors have not been fully informed of the repercussions of cheating and lying and falsifying. These infringements do not occur when one has checks and balances - but in the case of PIC Power and Corruption of the Highest Order has blinded them.

I wish the Directors of PIC the best when they are investigated and hope some concrete changes take place to better this world - we call the Bay Area. For too long have corrupt people taken advantage of innocent people. Enough is Enough.

To those who play the pimping game your time has come to change your ways. You who have cooperated with PIC should be ashamed of yourselves and should come out in the open with the facts to change and bring change to our neighborhoods. Millions of dollars every year have been wasted on nothing - in the mean time our youth have not had a decent supervised training. Thousands of opportunities have been lost and thousands of youth and others have suffered.

Each one of us can make a difference if we take a stand.

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