The Progressive Conference.


February 22, 2004 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. the first New Progressive Left Movement Conference was held at the Women's Building situated at 3543 18th Street between Valencia and Guerrero in San Francisco. There were about 100 people from all walks of life and persuasions ready to address the formation of a platform for all Progressives.

After the last Mayoral Elections many constituents who do not belong to the two Mayor Parties found it very difficult to back progressive candidates who do not have to account and follow some basic mandates approved by a following that supports them. A Platform many felt was right and the timing perfecto.

The First Progressive Conference did just that. Sponsored by Frontlines which is read by many and mostly Progressives the sponsors did their best to invite and incorporate those who shared like values.

All Islanders Gathering as One played an important role. We took care of the sound system with Andrew Bozeman. Helped with the security. Some of us participated as Moderators and others as speakers.

All Islanders Gathering as One has now participated in three election campaigns. We put on and conducted on own Town Meeting. Now, we partnered with The First Conference for a New Progressive Left Movement to share our thoughts and help with our actions.

John Nauer took care of security. Andrew Vai participated as the lone student speaker and it was agreed at the end of the Conference to form a group to address issues dear to the youth and students. Daniel joined the fray and did well.

Audrey Nauer participated as a facilitator. Our youth Daniel, Justin, Peter, and the others all played a vital role as good citizens - learning a lot how to interact and form partnerships. Spread Samoan power.

This is just a first for us All Islanders Gathering as One and it was a first for Chris and Berto who first came to us for help. We hope to work on many more adventures that will help the constituency of San Francisco address issues which the other two main Donkey and Horse Parties do not.

Under John Nauer who works very hard to hope to move to fresher pastures. So far once we have decided to do something we have made it happen. We pray and trust in God and that makes the biggest difference. We are not afraid of human frailty as long as we have the best on our side. Our leader knows the way, goes the way, and mostly shows the way. Action.

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