San Francisco, the City that knows how is suddenly faced with Proposition J - a J that stands for JOKE! Some developers want to take the constituents for a ride into oblivion. The developers have now decided with the backing of Mayor Gavin Newsom to palace Proposition J on the March 2, 2004 ballot.

The proposition makes Mickey Mouse reading. It proposes to build 10,000 homes for the workforce. As far as I know most of the workforce in San Francisco who need housing make around $50,000 and less? The segments of the workforce I have mentioned some how are not figured in this equation.

The proposition will cater to single people earning $76,000 and a family of four earning $109,000. Go figure how these magic numbers were arrived at.

Workforce units will sell for $490,000 for a 600 square foot cage plus other fees some included and some to be included in the near future. No King-size bed will fit in any of the rooms. If one fits you will not have room to walk around it. Remember the joke is on you!

What really irks us who understand Planning Regulations is that these vermin who have no Accountability and Transparency have language in this faulty and convoluted Proposition J that will rezone areas all over the City and County of San Francisco to build so called poor quality affordable homes. The poor will pay and the developers will be on the take.

Mayor Gavin Newsom is young and is beholden to Developers who do not have a heart for the poor. They love big bucks and will use any means to make money. The clichˇ workforce is a joke. If no teacher in San Francisco for example earns $76,000 Š do you think this Proposition J is targeting some credible workforce or is this one of those Mickey Mouse jokes that is going to take us constituents for a ride?

This proposition J does not care about the neighborhood character. Permits 30 story buildings in residential neighborhoods. Exempts the crooked developers by exempting them from paying $2 million in planning fees.

San Franciscans Vote NO on Proposition J. This use to be a nice City. Now we have all sorts of scams Š so buyer beware. Remember J stands for Joke.

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