I have been in contact with several of our soldiers who served in Iraq and I am shocked how many of our soldiers have lost their limbs and some of them quadriplegic for life.

article in San Francisco Chronicle

War brings with it causalities and as the years go by it is important for those leaders who send our young women and men to war to take care of those who are severely injured and physically challenged for life.

Some of our journalists have been sensitive to the plight of the many severely injured soldiers and it is heart breaking to see and hear the devastating blow such injuries have caused to many a family all over the United States.

In several States the whole family moves in or around the wounded and recuperating soldiers to offer support at great sacrifice and expense to the family.

Right now the Veterans Administration is cutting services to our soldiers. I hope the present Administration who did not think well before putting our service women and men in harms way take care of our soldiers. This is the least our gunho administration can do.

I am also glad that we have the latest technology from other important fields incorporate into state of art prosthetics to help those service men and women who need help most.

Bottom line our service women and men should be given the best support and all the benefits in keeping with the sacrifice they have made for the mistakes of a few clue less leaders.

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