October 5, 2001

Francisco Da Costa
2554 San Bruno Avenue
San Francisco, California 94134-1516

Presidio Trust
Bldg 34 - San Francisco, CA94129-0052
Attention: John Pelka


It is a shame that the Trust has continued with this farce - the Presidio Trust Implementation Plan (PTIP).

Why has the Trust continued to defy the Public with false information and a plan that is NOT all inclusive? Is it true that the PTIP main purpose is to circumvent the NPS Final General Management Plan (GMP) and the Final Environmental Impact Study (EIS) approved by the public at large and endorsed by experts from every field as the most feasible progressive documents for the Presidio of San Francisco? Why is the Trust making every effort to work and destroy the Presidio of San Francisco by such deliberate adverse policies?

At the onset it would be prudent to point out that the Presidio Trust was modeled after the Pennsylvania Corporation situated in Washington D.C. The Pennsylvania Corporation was a total failure.

In 1992 as a compromise Nancy Pelosi and the Burton machinery thought this model would best accommodate the Presidio of San Francisco and the Republicans. My opinion is that the Trust is an entity that does great injustice to San Francisco - its citizens and citizens all over this Nation. The Presidio of San Francisco is a National Park.

Is it true that this model does not work? Could it be best that the Trust goes away? That Nancy Pelosi made a grave mistake? That the tax payer has and is been taken for a ride? That we the tax payers be spared the corruption that these Trust officials continue to heap upon innocent tax payers from San Francisco, the extended Bay Area, and the Nation ? This after all is a National Park.

The Trust today does not have a Safety Officer. When will the Trust hire a Safety Office that does justice to the Presidio of San Francisco?

The Trust today does not have an agreement with its employees so that the employees can bargain with the Trust. When will the Trust employees have a working Union that benefits the employees who work for the Trust? An Employees Union is required so that the Presidio of San Francisco is served well. No where in the PTIP is mention made of the Trust employees as an important element in the upkeep and daily operations of the Presidio of San Francisco.

Good organization and benefits start in one's own back yard. Today the Trust whose management consists of many Correctional Officers from Colorado is doing great injustice to the Presidio of San Francisco. The Presidio of San Francisco is NOT a correctional facility. Nor does the Presidio of San Francisco need managers who do not have the interests of the Presidio employees, San Francisco and the extended Bay Area. Why do we have so many Correctional Officers working for the Trust?

Why are Trust employees treated like jail birds?

Many Trust officials get free housing. Why should Trust officials get free housing? Many Trust officials fly first class from place to place - why should the tax payer pay for corrupt officials to fly from place to place?

Recently the Trust has refused Federal Agencies to conduct investigations. Why is this so? One such agency is the Equal Opportunity Commission. Why is the Trust not disclosing information demanded of it through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)?

The PTIP does not address at all where all the sewage will go. Yet is plans to increase the Presidio population by several thousands. Where will all the sewage go? Why does not the Trust have its own sewage facility? Why is the Trust dumping its sewage on the City and County of San Francisco?

Why does the Trust not have and provide all the drinking water to those who live on the Presidio? Why does the Trust buy over 60% of its drinking water from the City and County of San Francisco? Why should the City of San Francisco provide more drinking water in the future?

Why does the Trust depend on the City and County of San Francisco to adjudicate Traffic Tickets and other such matters putting the City and County of San Francisco into hardship? Does the Trust depend on the City and County of San Francisco for all of its Emergency Services -Code 5? If so why?

Where will the Trust get all its electrical energy to provide electricity to the huge plans it proposes? For example the Lucas Digital Center. Dot.coms are history and this huge project does not do justice to the Presidio of San Francisco as a National Park. I have said it before and say it again - the NPS final GMP and the final EIS does not have a place for the Lucas Digital Center. So why this huge project which will NOT benefit the National Park?

Again and again we have proved to the Trust that using the final NPS GMP and EIS blue print the Presidio of San Francisco can be self sufficient by 2004. The Trust has on purpose provided FALSE INFORMATION to disinform the public and this is wrong. Why has the Trust chosen with full intent to mislead the public and more so San Franciscans?

It is a shame that the Trust Board of Directors have misled the public and have fallen prey to corrupt Trust officials. Why is this so?

The Trust negotiated with the Corps of Engineers (COE) to clean up the Presidio of San Francisco. I say the Presidio is worse off today then it was when the COE was forced to stop the clean up. Why? How much will it cost the Trust to clean up Battery Caulfield and Wagner? And when will these two batteries be cleaned? Why is it that no information linked to cleaned up sites and projects are provided to the public? What is the Restoration Advisory Board doing? Is this board a puppet of the Trust? If so why?

Why are Trust employees exposed to asbestos again and again?

Why are Trust employees and others exposed to other hazardous material? Why?

Why does not the Trust have a Forest Management Plan that works?

The Trust continues to bluff the public with false information - why?

Even environmental groups have brought this issue to the attention of the Trust. Why does the Trust ignore those experts who speak the truth?

March 11, 2002 the Trust will be put on Notice and so will the Trust Board of Directors. The Muwekma Ohlone will be Federally Recognized. What role does the Trust foresee the Muwekma Ohlone the first people of the Bay Area playing at the Presidio of San Francisco?

Why has NOT the Trust signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Muwekma Ohlone?

The PTIP stinks to high heaven. The Trust Planning Team has been humiliated again and again at Public meetings. Even before the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, because they cannot provide the right and correct answers. At other times saying that they cannot provide the information and will get back after some time.

The Trust paid some consultants millions of tax payers money so that false and incorrect information could be given to the public. Why has the Trust with intent chosen to defy and bluff the Public?

The Trust is prohibited from using tax payers money to gain public favor. Why is the Trust going to the public and asking the public to save the Presidio of San Francisco? The only entity detrimental to the Presidio of San Francisco is the Trust. The best that can happen to the Presidio of San Francisco is if these sharks from Colorado go where they came from. Are these sharks here at the Presidio of San Francisco to create a Commercial Park? If so why? Why do they want to destroy what the Sixth Army and Presidio of San Francisco maintained for so long? I served Sixth Army as their last Congressional Liaison.

In conclusion the PTIP is a joke. It has not done justice and I really do not think any justice can be done as long as corrupt people run the operations of the Presidio of San Francisco.

The Presidio was envisioned as a Global Institute more like a United Nations offering the world the best we have to offer. Some crooks have chosen to make the Presidio of San Francisco a Commercial Park this is wrong.

The Trust and the National Park Service are NOT working as a team.

Both entities should listen to the public where the wisdom lies. The events of September 11, 2001 will affect the Trust, its policies, and its operations in a big way. Now is the time for the Trust to listen to those who know the operations and what is better for the Presidio of San Francisco - better than the self conceited Trust officials.


Francisco Da Costa