Lennar and Parcel A.


The lame duck Mayor Willie Brown is busy in China and Tibet spending his last days in office pandering to the Chinese and to the wishes of his cronies who have joined his entourage. His other paid cronies back home in the City of San Francisco are busy trying to fast track the Disposition and Development Agreement tied to Parcel A at Hunters Point. Others making hay while the devil is away.

The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) with Marcia Rosen who is a Willie Brown crony has done much damage first working for the Mayor's office of Economic Development and now for the SFRA. This woman will look at you and lie and has set Quality of Life Standard in our City back. She often touts that Mission Bay was a project that has done this City good - let us be clear on this project it is a shame that this City has allowed Cattelus to break every environmental law. Tons and tons of toxic soil have been buried all over Mission Bay - Class One Hazardous soil that should have been hauled away to a legal toxic repository.

Willie Brown and Marcia Rosen look at Mission Bay as some great achievement. Mission Bay is a project that has not addressed toxicity. The brand new University of California San Francisco (UCSF) sits on top of a toxic dump. Perhaps this one single factor says it all - a building such as UCSF purporting to stand for health and all that is good - sitting on a toxic dump. The lower basement of this brand new building cannot be used because of the toxicity and poor air.

Catellus Corporation once called Santa Fe, and then Southern Pacific acquired all of its property for free when it ran the railway for the good of the Public. The land was given to Santa Fe by the government to help the citizens of this Nation. Now, Cattelus has been selling the freely acquired land for millions of dollars. The Mayor and Governor Davis looked the other way as millions of tons of toxic dirt were buried from the high ground to the low ground. The Senators Boxer and Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi all knew about this factor - but all looked the other way.

Now, Willie Brown with corrupt Lennar Corporation is doing the same at Hunters Point. One has just to check the fact and verify what Lennar has been doing in Florida, New Mexico, Sacramento - time and time again Lennar has built Golf Courses, Town Houses, Shopping Malls on toxic ground without having any regard to the people of the area.

Now Lennar wants to build 1600 homes, an African Market, Parks on Parcel A without paying any consideration to the clean up on a Superfund site with has very serious Radiological Issues. Lennar has not paid attention to the Historical Radiological Assessment Report and does not care about Quality of Life Standards.

Willie Brown's cronies who head the Housing, Business, and Environmental sub-committees are prone to go with the flow. They have no guts to confront crooks like Jesse Blout, Marcia Rosen, and Willie Brown that do not have the interests of the constituents of San Francisco at heart.

I attend some of the Citizens Advisory Committee sub- meetings and it is mind boggling to see how some inept and ignorant cronies who pander to Willie Brown will pretend they understand complicated issues and pay no attention to the obvious. They have never read the many Environmental Impact Studies nor do they understand the basics linked to any Superfund Site. They are treating a Superfund site much as they would their backyards.

Many of them think that the Hunters Point Shipyard belongs only to the African Americans. Little knowing the first Negroes were brought in to work at the Shipyard in the late 1940s.

Much before the Negroes the First People lived on the land and it was stolen from them. They were the Ohlone. The Chinese, Maltese, Italians, French, Germans, others all were there before the African Americans who serve on the sub-committees of today - many of whom have no connection what so ever with the Hunters Point Shipyard. Most are not from the community and have no direct link with the community. They have been shipped from other parts of the City to do the Mayor's bidding. The bidding is fast tracking the DDA.

Many of them have no connection with the Bayview Hunters Point area. Willie Brown has used the dumb, ignorant, and arrogant Sophie Maxwell before and failed. She will be recalled and should get her official notice in the mail Wednesday 28, 2004 if not earlier. I would like to see how Willie Brown reacts to one of his floozy damsels who have screwed up again and again.

We have a Samoan population of over 40% living near and around Hunters Point Shipyard. No out reach has been done to them and this is a shame. How is it possible for some dumb, ignorant, and arrogant Willie Brown cronies to plan an African Market when the Shipyard belongs to all the people of San Francisco?

The Samoans have more of its men and women serving in the Armed Forces in the United States. They have as much right if not more to any Federal Land turned over to the City and County of San Francisco. Lennar has no place for the Samoans and has no place for other groups like the Maltese, the Chinese, the Japanese, the Italians, San Franciscans who were here before the Negroes were imported here from the South.

Lennar BVHP LLC, which was chosen as a proxy corporation by Willie Brown to develop Hunters Point. Lennar has NO clue about Superfund issues. And if it does then Lennar should NOT be at Hunters Point doing anything - right now or in the future. The reason is simple they have a poor track record and love working with crooks that break the law when it comes to environmental issues.

At this time NOT one single square inch has been conveyed to the City and County of San Francisco. Yet Willie Brown's cronies think they have it made and are reviewing the DDA much as they would the any gossip magazine without any due consideration.

The Historical Radiological Assessment Report is an important document. The current report on Parcel A is being worked on and it will be released much after November 28, 2004 when Willie Brown plans to give his ADDRESS to the City. He was presupposing he would be able to include the DDA as one of his stupid accomplishment but he will have to swallow the bitter pill again. Perhaps he could use some of his learned Tibetan mantras and meditation to deal with the failed situation.

Parcel A is toxic and has not been abated. We have yet to see and review the latest Historical Radiological Assessment report. We know there is a vault containing Radiological Material that is guarded round the clock. We also know that Parcel A has always been an area that has had serious abatement problems.

The parcel-bordering Parcel A for example parcel E has very serious problems. Parcel E has not been cleaned nor abated and as far as any decent and knowledgeable person is concerned the same is with Parcel A.

Willie and his cronies cannot think for themselves. They should have NOTHING to do with the deliberations. Especially those who do not live in the vacinity. I see Willie's cronies from Daly City and Fillmore trying to throw their weight around. This will go on till about January 8, 2004. After that I see them fleeing and staying away because if they continue to do as they have been doing - they will join the Historical Radiological Assessment as part of the record being very toxic.

Historical Radiological Assessment Factsheet

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