I strongly believe that the year 2001 is the start of the new millennium. I also believe that the year 2001 will open doors to new concepts and happenings that will progressively influence all people all over the world.

Today, the world is focused on the Olympics. The world also has been introduced to Catherine Freeman. Cathy, is a symbol for reconciliation. Cathy, fights for all First People all over the world and in her beloved Australia. Please visit

This site has taken upon itself the task to speak out for the First People. This could not be possible without the support of so many who believe in the common concepts we share. We strongly believe that the First People were here before anyone else and that the First People ought to be respected. The values the First People held especially towards Mother Earth should be respected by everyone. We have the option to opt for mundane values and those that are of a higher level - spiritual.

Traditions of First People are not geared towards greed. Most traditions of the First People all over the world are sustainable.

The authorities that have jurisdiction over so many things have not been fair to the First People. It is only right that treaties signed by any government and the tribes should be kept. That tribes should be allowed to participate in the happenings of the United States as citizens without any adverse actions. That injustices done before should be made right in a fair and equitable manner.

This site has supported the First Peoples in Canada, in Africa, in South America, in Australia, all over the world. We have brought to the attention of so many injustices meted out to the First Peoples and won the support of thousands.

The Native American in the United States still enjoys second class status. The Bureau of Indian Affairs still abuses the Trust Funds that belong to Native American Tribes. The injustices done to the Native American in the United States call for reconciliation. Please visit The Muwekma Ohlone the First People of the Bay Area.

In Australia thousands of Aboriginals were uprooted from their homeland and sent to boarding schools. The "Lost Generations" for decades did not have any affliction with their grandparents and parents. No link with their tradition and faith. No bonding with their parents and loved ones. This fact is a shame. This fact cries for justice.

It was only in 1967 that the Australian Government granted the Aboriginal in Australia the right to vote. Even today the Australian Government, who owe their allegiance to the Queen in Britain do not want to deal with land issues linked to the Australian Aboriginal. We hope the attention that Cathy has brought to the world will lead the Australian Government towards reconciliation and restoring Land Rights to the Australian Aboriginal.

One cannot ignore the influence one person like Cathy Freeman has had over all Australians and citizens all over the world. Even the Australian Prime Minister supports her and the vision she stands for. In Australia they call her "Our Cathy". Newspaper headlines have called her "Catherine the Great" evoking images of past history and changes that could spell great things for the Australian Aboriginal.

Here in the United States Congress has been debating how best to reconcile with the Native American Tribes. President Bill Clinton is the first United States President, who has called himself part Native American and affiliated himself with the Cherokee Tribe.

We see the rainbow in the sky and signs that perhaps there will be a change of heart. A change of heart that will bring good happenings to the First People in the United States. A change of heart that will bring reconciliation to the First people all over the world.