Iraqi Refugees.


In this war against one man Sadam and his regime which we supported for years - we have now decided to kill those that we aim with our ammunition and more - all in the name of getting rid of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

This war has created a mass of refugees and in doing so thousands of innocent children is dying. We cannot simply say boldly we support smart bombs, bully, and kill thousands. We should not feel good when destroy without any compassion.

We felt bad when the majority of Saudi nationals plotted to kill thousands who were innocent victims in New York - the twin towers. Yet today we are instrumental in doing the same and much more all in the name of reasons that are focused on greed and oil.

Today this war has forced thousands to go hungry. Many others have no clean drinking water. Bombs have ruined Water Plants and so there is no clean drinking water. Sewage Plants have been blown and raw sewage in flowing in rivers and everywhere. The burning oil is polluting the air. The ammunition that is raining down every single day is the source of toxins that are putting millions in harms way.

How can we choose in all decency to destroy the infrastructure of Iraq and then plan to rebuild Iraq? This logic makes no sense and we, as a Nation will have a heavy price to pay in the years to come.

We cannot import our democracy just because we think we can import it. True democracy at home should have been kind to the Native First People many of whom are on poor reservations. Others are NOT recognized and on the Federal Register. Millions of poor young men and women lingering in our jails. We have more money for jails and less money for education. We have no money to take care of health programs. Many of our seniors have no food and find they have to pay huge sums of money for medicine.

Some of us understand that war brings out the worst that we humans harbor and that war by definition is evil. There has never been a war that was initiated as this war is without clear definition - which has brought good. This war is evil and the consequences of the action of the extreme right will reap the fruits linked with evil.

We cannot say with a clear conscience that we do not care about innocent children and women as a consequence of our well-planned war effort. Today our key war planners fail to understand how our own forces and not fed well and in some cases do not have clean drinking water near the enemy and miles away from safety.

We feel lost when the Iraqi protest and put up a fight. We cannot understand when things do not go our way. We are so used to our fast food mentality - where on demand you get what you desire on a platter.

We fail to understand that the millions who died from the Civil War down to contemporary times for true freedom - did not have in mind this type of war where most genuine Americans do not approve the methods used against a people who are pitted and inferior in the possession of war equipment. When will we learn to wise up and use the maturity of our elders to learn from babes about peace?

We have not done well in Afghanistan and still do not have control of the countryside. Can we really stay in Iraq and waste billions just so that some of our leaders make billions selling oil?

We have to be vigilant that we do not created refugees who will be poor for years to come. It is from this type of environment that terrorist are born. It is from the bowels of refugee camps that hatred in spread all over the world. Evil begets evil and it is time that we reason that indiscriminate bombing just as we have done in Iraq - is plain wrong.

The refugees we have made happen deserve our help and compassion.

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