We in the Bayview Hunters Point should be very proud that we have and have had a lot of Wisdom. At some point during the last 40 years we have had good leadership. At a glance - in some periods we can and have made some great stuff happen.

Our elders were instrumental in building the new wing of the General Hospital at Potrero and not too many people know about that. Ask Espanola Jackson, Mrs. Westbrook, Shirley Jones, Al Williams, Doctor Churchwell and they will tell you the truth.

Once when Senator Philip Burton had all the power and was closer to the Bayview Hunters Point this White man worked with Negroes to make good stuff happen. A delegation of Black women went to Washington DC and when they came back they had $1 million in the bank. With this money they built new homes up on the hill we call Hunters Point.

People do not know but the first committee to address the issues on Housing was formed on the Hill. Then the Southeast Facility was built at 1800 Oakdale and the Project Area Committee (PAC) had its first election with Sophie Maxwell as its President. This committee worked hand in glove with San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) to address the issues within a Survey Area. To date all they have done is fleeced the community. Time to kick them out.

No good has come from the SFRA. No good has come from the PAC. Each and every one of these crooks does not have the interests of the community. They do have the interests of what goes in their pockets. Sophie Maxwell is supposed to work for the community. If one does some basic investigative reporting - one will learn she is on the take. Always has been.

Once I confronted her right in City Hall. She told me: “ I can be bought”. And proceed to tell me that she has the best clothes to wear, money, and what ever she desires. This woman should be ashamed of herself. It is just a matter of time when she will be reined in just like her former Campaign Manager.

Most of us do not know that the most corrupt Mayor ever to step foot in City Hall is Willie L. Brown Jr. This Negro should have helped his people. However this Negro from Texas sold his fellow Blacks again and again. Those with ties to Willie should feel ashamed - each and everyone one of them.

Willie B. Kennedy who makes over $160,000 working for the SFRA and the gatekeeper to Lennar BVHP LLC interests. Others like Dan Dodtt, Linda Richardson, Rev. Cordell Hawkins, and the Tabernacle Group all cronies whose main aim is to serve their own self interests. All of them make thousands. The average person in Bayview earns about $15,000 a year. Instead of giving opportunities to poor people they take them away.

Willie L. Brown Jr. has close ties with Cattelus Corporation. He has close ties with many other Corporations. Willie encouraged Mission Bay and made it possible to give choice contracts to crooks many of whom have fleeced the people of color. Unfortunately many of the contractors were Black - doing in their fellow Blacks.

A Black has always headed the Project Area Committee (PAC). It is a shame that fellow Blacks have screwed fellow Blacks and continue doing so. The only way to clean up the slate is to kick each and every PAC member out. Each and every one of them should be debarred from holding any Public Office. It does not pay to mention their names but it would be a nice idea to go on the PAC web site and check them out - one by one. E-mail them and state your deep concerns.

The PAC has with INTENT adversely impacted Hunters Point and Bayview. These crooks do not deserve another chance. Now, they are trying behind close doors to have an election by Caucus. Power has gone to the head and they will stop at nothing to do harm to their fellow constituents. PLEASE ATTEND THE NEXT PAC MEETING.

There has been some false perception that Blacks constitute the majority in Bayview Hunters Point. This is wrong. Black constitute abut 26% and falling.

In 5 years that number will be 10%. Poverty, crime, back biting, stabbing ONE another, lack of unity, they talk the talk but do not walk the walk - all contribute to the fall of Blacks.

Before you know it Asians and Latinos will occupy much of what we see today. In fact they have. Go take a count of the businesses that are doing well and you will see they have already taken deep roots in Bayview.

I was born in Nairobi, Kenya so I know what I am talking about Unity. I have lived here in San Francisco for over 35 years. I served Sixth United States Army and Presidio of San Francisco and was their last Congressional Liaison. I served 3 Generals and know a crook when I see one. We have too many in the Bayview.

Remember the Mau Mau started in Nairobi, Kenya and that organization is perhaps one of the best renowned the world over for taking on the British and attaining its goals. What we have in Bayview and Hunters Point among many Blacks - and I will NOT generalize are sell outs - they will sell their mothers for a dime.

We cannot rein in the crooks unless we are united. We cannot rein in the crooks unless we make sacrifices. We cannot rein in the crooks unless we all practice unconditional love. We cannot rein in the crooks unless we are educated on issues. We cannot and will not get rid of the vermin unless we stick together on issues that benefit the community. Take away the sellouts and drive them out of oblivion.

I am requesting the YOUTH to join others and me to bring some semblance to Bayview Hunters Point. Together we can bring about concrete changes.

Too many people have taken advantage of the youth. The youth are our future leaders. Those in there 40s and 50s should be helping the youth but they are not. Time to find out why? Time to join the fray or stay out of the way.

We have mentioned Young Community Developers before as pretending to help the Community. YCD better change their ways, they have hurt too many people and still think they can continue operating in their old ways. They are being watched and the YCD organization still lacks clear goals and objectives. They lack good leadership and many of the corrupt still make their nest at YCD. The joke is that many of them do not live in the community.

Organization like Literacy for Environmental Justice (LEJ). The organization purports to work for our children. At one time they tried to build a Living Classroom next to the old, toxic spewing Hunters Point Power Plant. I stopped them. They may not admit that but I am very proud that I stopped our precious children going to a toxic dump and being exposed to toxins. Watch out for these crooks that superficially serve the community to make money.

Now they want to take money get aside for Zip Code 94124 and build a Living Classroom at McLaren Park, which is Zip Code 94134. This is plain wrong. These fools will simply not go away. The Director of LEJ does not live in the community. She was determined and wasted thousands of dollars to build a Living Classroom on a toxic site so harm our youth. Ask her why?

LEJ gets thousands of dollars to work with our children but no one is really monitoring them. The Bayview Hunters Point Advocates with Olin Webb as the Director always talking the talk but has nothing to show to the community. Many Community Based Organizations have moved into the community and other have been in the community getting thousands and millions in grants in the name of providing Services to the community and youth. Some of them have done NOTHING. Time to check on these crooks. You FEEEEEL me.

My partner Andrew Bozeman and I often go before the Board of Supervisors and before many sub-committees and commissions to represent the concerns of youth and the community. You can come and talk to us and feel us. Tell us if you think we are crooks and if we have taken one single penny as bribe or do a favor.

I love the Buffalo Soldiers and if it were not for the Buffalo Soldiers many of the settlers would not have settled in California. The Buffalo Soldiers had principles. They wrote the Standard Operating Procedures for the National Park Service, which was formed in 1916. The Buffalo Soldiers preceded them. I learned a lot from the Buffalo Soldiers - some of them are alive today - well into there 90s.

Back to the crooks that look out for opportunities. Always hustling without any ethics - always asking what is in it for me. Well if one wants to be a CBO one has to think about others first. If one think about oneself first go somewhere where the crooks abound in plenty. I know of one such place - behind the wall.

I bet you even our gang bangers have morals but not some of the CBOs. I say that because they PREY on young innocent children. They have no rules. The gangs have rules - you break it you pay your dues. Time for us to rein in on the crooks of Bayview Hunters Point and especially the Community Based Organizations who are fleecing our YOUTH.

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