We all have our RIGHTS embedded in our CONSTITUTION.

It is a shame that many United States citizens have NOT read the Constitution. The Constitution gives us the PEOPLE the right to participate in the governance of these the United States directly and indirectly through our REPRESENTATIVES so that this NATION serves the majority for the common good on each STATE and all the STATES that make up the United States of America.

In recent months many of our citizens fear that our RIGHTS are taken away from us on grounds that are not constitutional. Certain key figures in the White House have propped up false facts and used the office of the President to invoke EMERGENCY POWERS to hood wink the PUBLIC.

It is true that 9/11 happened. It is also true that No Nation all over the world would have made it EASY for 4 planes to be hijacked to bring down the two twin towers and kill so many innocent people.

It is true that our government made available two huge planes at Government expense to fly the Bin Laden family who were in the United States to Saudi Arabia a few days after 9/11.

This Government and the Media have brain washed the people about the Weapons of Mass Destruction. We have not found them. We have on the other hand been hearing daily about our U.S. service women and men being put in harms way resulting in death of our dear soldiers.

This Nation is in debt - trillions of dollars. We were NOT in debt when the Clinton Administration left office. Millions are out of work and this White House does not seem to give a hoot.

This White House Administration is ant-union. My sources tell me that the White House has not met once with high level Union Officials which says a lot if this is correct. Depriving workers of Over Time, failing to provide Health Care, Out-Sourcing are all-important factors that will harm this country.

This White House has failed to address Environmental Issues in a practical manner. Oil companies and polluters are left off the hook and this mentality has and will harm our common universal environment.

This White House has given huge corporations big cuts. Now, this White House has reached out for alms and is raking in millions of dollars for a Media Campaign that will try to bluff the Public with Lies. Watch out for the Media and those False Ads.

Our Constitution has been tested at every level and even in the Courts from time to time. It is time to take some of the laws and regulations that this White House has put in place by producing false facts are brought to Court to RATIFY the current state of affairs.

It is imperative that this White House be removed and that the PEOPLE have in place a White House that serves the People - where the people have good Health Care, Sound Education for our Children, where the Elderly do not Fear for their Lives, and where the Quality of Life is provided to all the Constituents of this Nation.

It is time we study our Constitution. It is time we fight and preserve our Rights. It is time we discern and be correctly informed and educated on issues that threaten our Constitutional Rights. It is time NO minorities fear for their rights as they do now.

Let us not take anything for granted. Let us NOT make ourselves pawns in the hands of those who do not value the freedom that is the SOUL of this Nation. Let us remember the First People and the harm done to them.

Let us vote in the coming Elections and weed out the Chaff.

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