The recall of the current governor of California, a State which once belonged to the First people, then others, and bears names of cities and towns like Santa Cruz, San Francisco, and Santa Rosa was coming and as the saying goes it is good riddance of very bad rubbish.

It is amazing how when some politicians get into office, they think that they can do as they please. Politicians should always remember they are there to serve the people. They are NOT there to serve the lobbyists. They are NOT there to make large amounts of money. They are not there to inflate their ego.

Some where along the line Sacramento and even Washington DC and other capitols in the United States too have changed the way they do business. If you are a common man or woman and have no connections you cannot see anyone who holds a high office. In order to see any Senator, Congressperson, most of the CROOKS who hold State or Federal high offices you have to have contributed $$$$$.

This is a sad state of affairs. The California recall sends a clear message to those who think they cannot be touched. In a second, just like that one can be toppled of that shaky pedestal. Davis has been brought to his knees and with him those who back him. He is history and if the others do not pay very careful attention their plight will be worse then Gray Davis the current recalled governor of California who is in the dumps.

Under this link we have given some to you who visit this website glimpses of what happened after 9/11. We have shared our experiences about what we have learned all over the world. We have explained the role of those who love to treat those who are innocent with methods that are uncalled for. Well, they all cannot be recalled as is the governor of the sixth largest economy in the world but their time is a coming.

Today politics and lies go hand in hand. We have seen it with the Energy Crisis and we have seen it with Weapons of Mass Destruction. We have seen it dealing with poor countries and we have seen the clear discrepancy with Korea and Saudi Arabia.

We are dealing with people in power that has a hidden agenda and they have got nothing to do with the people at large and sound democracy. These few who make decisions in the name of the people are making decisions for their own benefit. Whenever you hear some one call upon the people or make reference that they are working for the people they are mostly probably working for their own interests.

Most politicians who lie do that because they have no standards or principles. They have no accountability nor do they believe in transparency. When Gray Davis first took office he promised he would do a lot for the common person. If you look very carefully what he did he favored the corporations who gave him large amounts of money. He favored the Correctional Officers who man our prisons because they gave him money. He favors all those who gave him money.

While Davis was doing what he is famous for collecting money for his own coffers while emptying the coffers of the State of California none of so called buddies in the Democratic Party chose to say a word. It is a shame that the Republicans who are worse now will play the game and bring California to its knees.

In California we do not have single Democratic leader that has vision and is sincere. We have officials who are old and wear so much make up when you see them at close distance that they disgusting to see. Once they take the podium they begin to attack the Republicans but they cannot offer any solutions. They never ever mention why they lost control and why the Republicans are now in power and will be in power most everywhere.

Here is California we do not have one single young politician who is a Democrat and who has vision and the ability to lead. Not one single Democrat - this is a shame. People are fed up with empty promises and rhetoric.

California once was great because it had good leaders. If we think Democrats like Willie Brown, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and that worn out Senator that I will not name are forces to be reckoned with - we can keep on dreaming. These politicians better step down before one by one they are removed from office.

The Terminator make speak broken English but be certain he will not spend 90% of his time raking money for his own coffers. He will have ample time to weed out the chaff and clean the cobwebs that have been in place for too long a time. It is time we need some fresh air. Away with the Crooks and good riddance of very bad rubbish.

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