This war is not over. This war on Iraq will leave many imprints on many minds but especially those who experienced the sand it all its form and might. There is nothing like experiencing the desert and changing forms of the sand. There is nothing like being in the eye of a desert sandstorm and coming out from that experience. Some of the dust so fine that it thicker than the thickest fog. So thick that you cannot see some one a few feet away.

And then there is the sand and desert on a very, very hot day. The sand is so hot that you cannot walk bear feet. So, hot that you see mirages. So hot that you wish you were in the shade and relish every moment when you are by a well, a stream, some cool sweet quenching - water.

Most Whites and Europeans have not had this soul-searching experience. Steeped in Greed and making money they have NOT invested in journeying and finding out the ways of Nature on land, on the water, and in the air far up any high mountain.

I remember well in the late 1970's where I crossed the Iranian Desert Day and Night on top of the Land Rover. I did it as a challenge but I did it because I wanted to learn and respect the desert and all its elements.

Nature is powerful and as any soldier who participated in the Iraq War will tell you - the sand can bring to a halt any fighting equipment complete with personnel and the best technology. The fine sand can bring anything to a halt. And when there is a sandstorm - you better stop and pray for the sand storm can devour anything in its path.

The Bedouins and the tribes of the desert have lived there freely for years. They are the most free spirited people in the world. There hospitality knows no bounds but they will NOT tolerate greed and most people steeped in Western ways. Western ways take you away from Nature and character of the Desert and make many Soft and Materialistic.

This war has exposed many of our service women and men to the Desert just like it did Desert Storm and Shield. Then, we sent good men and women, healthy and saw many of them come home very sick. To date many suffer from the Gulf Syndrome.

This web site has stood and will understand by our beloved troops - we love them - because most of them come from homes that are NOT filthy rich. You never see the filthy rich send their sons and daughters to wars. The rich talk big but their actions are not worth the salt.

The Desert and Sand teach those of us who went to that unique experience that everyone is very finite and that Nature has much to teach us. I am sure Saddam Hussein feared the Desert much more than the infidels that drove him to his hiding place.

The Sand has its beauty at night - when it can be biting cold and the skies clear and the stars shine like diamonds. Nothing like sleeping on a warm night under the canopy of the clear skies, watching the star traffic and comets traverse the expense of the endless horizon - beyond the beyond.

It is time Bush, Cheney, Rice, Powell, and most of the warmongers spend some time in the Desert and learn values that they will never learn in the White House.

It is time these warmongers learn from the mouths of babes and learn to save lives and not kill. As killers they are no less than those who they proclaimed had weapons of mass destruction but have yet to prove their point - weeks after they are in Iraq and have searched everywhere.

It is wrong to kill innocent children and destroy the property of those who will NOT be compensated.

It is wrong to steal the OIL that belongs to the people and to pretend to help the people of Iraq.

It is wrong to loot museums and not respect the culture of any Nation.

The sand and desert will be there forever and ever. The desert teaches you much - most of all respect, that the Western World will never learn. Again and again they have marched on foreign land, stolen assets, and preach that they are good. Ever heard of a good thief! Ever heard of a person who kills innocent children and calls himself good!

This war will never end. For those who have NOT learned from babes and from the desert and the sand - peace!

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