The Royal Saudis.


American oil companies have always had a cozy relationship with the Saudi Royal Family in Saudi Arabia and it has always been about money.

Recently we went into Iraq and wasted BILLIONS of dollars dropping bombs and killing innocent people. When others do harm to us in any little way, we call them TERORIST. When we terrorize people around the world by the use of force as we did in Panama, Granada, Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq - we proudly proclaim that we are there to do justice.

Very little is known to the outside world about the Saudis and the philosophy of thought linked to Islam that the Saudi Royal Family adheres to? They follow the teaching of a very controversial leader Wahabi. I hope the following link enlightens one:

The Saudis control the delicate situation in the Middle East and they do it with money. Even here in the United States it has always been MONEY. In the early 1950’s most of the Saudis had very little to offer the world. How ever when British and American oil companies tapped their oil resources and made money for themselves and the Royal Family - suddenly some unknown entity could influence the world with the power of their oil wealth.

The majority of the highjackers involved with the September 11 downing and killing of innocent people were Saudis. Logically American should have gone to Saudi and bombed the living hell. But, we did not - we chose to vent our anger on Iraq after we did a lot on Afghanistan. We have a foreign policy that baffles the world and especially the Europeans and people from the Middle East. Our foreign policy logic is as good as Burger from McDonald’s made from artificial products that we proclaim is the best meat ever! We use our media to educate the public with half-truths and this will come to haunt us for ages.

The WAHABIS in Saudi are the worst fanatics and many good Muslims who understand the TRUTH about Islam fear the Saudis. It is as if the Methodists had control of America and the religion we all practiced.

What the Wahabis say is the command of the moment and if one breaks it - you could be exiled, jailed or executed without the benefit of a fair trail. For the Wahabis arguing and confrontation have NO place - when they say sit you better do, and when they say run you better run, and when they decided you die you have NO choice!

We have our Service men and women in Saudi and have just decided that we ought to bring many of them home. We have also decided to announce our resentment and have told the Saudis that they are responsible for the recent killings of Americans on Saudi soil. But these are just words. We sell the Saudi our best war equipment, our best communication hardware; we have the best state of art WAR ROOM in Saudi better than we have in the United States. Why? Because in Saudi we get all the money we want - we take the money and shut our mouths!

Funny how the Saudis have got away with MURDER and how we with all our talk of so called freedom have allowed the Saudi Royal Family to practice license on the people of America by the sell out leaders of this country - especially the present leaders who control the White House.

Some Wahabis!

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