Records of Iraqis killed by Saddam.


We have said again and again that we do not want our troops or service men and women to be put in harms way. We say this because as in other wars - we feel for our troops and the scars of wars.

We remember Vietnam and we remember Desert Shield and Storm. War is not a game and killing and bombing does not come without very serious consequences. It is very easy for the few in the White House to order the G.I. - which stands for Government Issue to execute tasks - some directly and some through the Chain of Command.

Our young service women and men have done well so far, as far as NOT taking too many casualties. We hope and pray that as they enter Baghdad that they will not be put into harms way. Most surely they will NOT have to deal with chemical warfare.

The Scars of this war will come to haunt all that participated in this gruesome war. On both sides for the most part poor and simple soldiers, for the love of their country - are ready to make the supreme sacrifice.

In 1991 thousands of Shiites died because the Senior Bush promised to help them. He did not. His son has started this war but it will take decades for the Bushes to deal with the consequences. War brings with it serious consequences. More to those who participate actively then those who order to do this and that from miles away.

We have stated clearly we do not appreciate the likes of Saddam Hussein. We wish he and his regime were removed using less bombing and causing less traumatic damage and killings to the citizens of Iraq.

Our hope is that the Scars that have been imprinted on the minds and souls of all those who have been victims of this dastardly war - will fade without serious consequences. Our hope is peace. We can hope and pray that our wishes come true.

Our sincere hope is that our service women and men come home so that we can enjoy the freedom and the peace this great Nation offers them.

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