April 14, 2004 in the Board of Supervisors Chambers Supervisor Matt Gonzalez, Tom Ammiano, and Sophie Maxwell tried to do some justice as part of the Rules Committee to select candidates for the NEW San Francisco Police Commission to replace the one under the most corrupt Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr.

Mayor Gavin Newsom appointed 4 members to the S.F. Police Commission and I hope at the chosen date and time I will state my opinion about his wise or unwise selection. Mayor Gavin Newsom enjoys his privileges and one of them is appointing citizens that he deems fit.

I will say one thing about his selection they are better qualified and more accountable with transparency then the ones the former corrupt Mayor appointed and who did injustice to the constituents of San Francisco.

Now addressing the nitty gritty of the proceedings before Matt, Tom and inept and arrogant Sophie. I did not on purpose go to City Hall but chose to review the proceedings in the hollowed sanctity of my den at home. Channel 26 can do that for you and thank God for Public Access and the Media.

I paid very careful attention to the candidates who came up before the Rules Committee to offer their services on behalf of the constituents of San Francisco. We had many excellent candidates and they all want to play an important role to bring some saving grace to the out going Police Commission which has NOT done its duty.

Appearing before the Police Commission and before the Board of Supervisors on topics regarding the Police Commission and Police Brutality is not new to me. I have voiced my opinion with qualified experience as an Activist and more as one who worked for a Federal Law Enforcement Agency.

I understand the Chain of Command, I study the Penal Codes, I participated at Roll Calls, I have gone with Police Patrols, I have studied thousands of Incident Reports, I understand the role of Policing from various facets on various levels and I have stated so in Public.

There was a time when too many innocent people were brutalized and killed by the San Francisco Police Department. Police Chiefs Fred Lau and Earl Sanders were in charge and did very little to address the chore problem. Cases came before the Police Commission and I have never ever seen Mrs. Orr-Smith, Theresa Sparks or Mr. Keane at anyone of them.

I have never ever seen any of the above mentioned candidates fight for our youth. Never ever seen anyone of the above mentioned candidates speak up for the many Blacks who died at the hands of excessive brutality. I spoke up before the Board of Supervisors and before the SF Police Commission. It was difficult and Deputy Chief Gregory Suhr and Police Chief Heather Fong are my witnesses. Hundreds of others will testify to what I am stating here.

As things stand today we need another hearing and the well-qualified candidates among those who applied from the Citizens' Pool should be evaluated again. Each and every one of them.

The 3 chosen candidates Sparks, Keane, and Orr-Smith do not do justice to the constituents of San Francisco.

They each have a hidden agenda. Commissioners should not come to the S.F. Commission with some baggage. We need good people with Accountability and Transparency and with NO strong connections to rich organizations, life style associations and affiliations, and selfish motives. Each of the above can be categorized under one or more of the above mentioned categories. They disqualify is my humble opinion.

Let us have a clean slate and really qualified constituents.

Link to "Committee Backs Three for Police Panel"

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