The Mayor of San Francisco is towing the line and following the wishes of the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) pushing hard to declare Project Areas in the Southeast Sector of the City and County of San Francisco.

Project Areas use the excuse of BLIGHT and then EMINENT DOMAIN and before you know it the SFRA kicks people out and makes decisions that mostly go against the constituents of the area. SFRA has done this in the Fillmore District, Mission Bay, and now they want to make their mark in a big way in the Bayview Hunters Point.

The District 10 Supervisor is siding with SFRA because she can profit from any deal that is in the offing. One has to study the deals made at 3rd Street and Cargo, the huge plots at 5800 and 3rd Street, and in general where ever SFRA is nosing around trying to acquire land. Not to mention 4800 3rd Street, which is up for development with some fuel, tanks still intact underground.

Again and again it is sellouts mostly Blacks who are working hand in glove with SFRA and as I have said before they have blood on their hands. They do not care if our children are dying. They do not care if poor people will be forced out of their homes. They do not care - period.

The Bayview Hunters Point is the last frontier where many Blacks have some property and in having property they have equity. SFRA is into acquiring the land and then leasing the units for a certain period of time. Loans taken on the unit by owners are subject to stringent rules and regulations, which often makes it difficult for any owner to take a second loan.

SFRA is a quasi-governmental organization that should be driven out of the Southeast Sector. For a long time SFRA worked with Alex Pitcher and if one studies the original documents SFRA is still supposed to be linked to the non-profit organization that has defaulted but still has a link with SFRA under Alex Pitcher.

Some where along the line SFRA now links itself with the Bayview Opera House as the sponsoring non-profit that backs it up. The Community should question this because any major changes should be brought before the Community and no one really know what is the real link between the Bayview Opera House and the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency.

The Bayview Hunters Point Project Area Committee (BVHP PAC) is sponsored by the SFRA. The Bylaws of the BVHP PAC clearly states that the BVHP PAC can be recalled and a new election put into place. This must be done with a PUBLIC NOTICE so that we have real fair elections.

We all know the deeds of Rev. Cordell Hawkins. His stench still lingers with the present BVHP PAC which is keen to work with the very corrupt SFRA which the community should see leaves the community as soon as possible.

In 1996 the BVHP PAC had it first and only legitimate meeting. The City Attorney is cautious at the moment to state if the present PAC is legal but time will tell. The previous BVHP PAC lasted a couple of weeks before new Elections were conducted.

It is a pity that those who now make their home in the BVHP PAC are as confused as they were before. As long as they take their marching orders from the SFRA there is no way we can see any progressive change anywhere in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco which is the last frontier.

Mission Bay is still reeling from the mistakes of the SFRA. At the many SFRA meetings I have attended hundreds of small business were not paid for their work by Catellus Corporation. The SFRA Commissioners talk the talk but do not walk the walk. The present Director Marcia Rosen is as devious a person as one can find - she worked closely with Willie L. Brown and his cronies where millions of dollars were made in deals that still have to be consummated.

Three SFRA Commissioner are under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation - Leroy King, Darshan Singh, and Lee. These three cannot vote on any deliberations linked to the Shipyard.

Private developers are now all lining up to develop Public Housing at Hunters Point and at Hunters Point Shipyard.

Large tracts of land all over Bayview which SFRA has declared the Project Area are for grabs by greedy developers. Right now each and every tract of land - many of them Brown Fields are being developed by SFRA in cooperation with non-profit housing agencies who work very closely with SFRA and against the constituents of San Francisco. A case in point the site at 4800 3rd Street with the fuel tanks still under the ground.

The District 10 Supervisor has had lengthy discussed behind close doors and has given her carte blanche support to those who do not have the interest of the community. Her heart is in the Haight Ashbury and she does not feel comfortable with people who are poor. Though she once lived in Public Housing but has forgotten her roots.

The Bayview Advocates is now in the business of abatement and hazardous material cleanup headed by Olin Webb. Suddenly Bayview Advocates are working with Young Community Developers bidding on clean up projects at the Hunters Point Shipyard. Behind the scene Sophie Maxwell is giving her tacit support to those cronies who are sellouts and have adversely impacted District 10.

SFRA is the prime entity that is behind Lennar BVHP LLC building 1600 housing units on Parcel A at Hunters Point. Parcel A is surround by toxic hot spots and what is more Parcel A is not clean. We had a Proposition P which mandated all of Hunters Point Shipyard be cleaned to Residential Standards. No one cares about this all they care is about making money.

Community Based Organization such as Bayview Advocates, Young Community Developers should have a meeting with the community and share with the community about the Clean Up activities and the huge amount of moneys they are raking up behind the scenes. Abatement training given to youth that really do not know what they are into has backfired. Some who once worked for a few weeks at the Shipyard refuse to go to work under harsh environs.

Tetra Tech is one of the Prime Contractors on the Hunters Point Shipyard and they are happy that some CBOs will sellout for little money and divide the community. It is just a matter of time before the truth comes out and those who sold us out with the MUNI 3rd Lightrail Project, the HOPE Housing Projects, Pier 92 Toxic Soil Removal, the smaller projects lined to abatement at Hunters Point, the Presidio of San Francisco - always working quietly to make money off the backs of the poor and innocent people of Bayview Hunters Point.

Soon BLACKS will be driven out of Bayview Hunters Point. Remember who were the CBOs who participated in the sleuth crimes of undermining the community. In five year less then 10% of the population will be Blacks in the Bayview Hunters Point. The reason those who could have made a difference sold them out.

The Navy and SFRA really do not have the interest of the community at large. Right now if we study the actions of Bayview Advocates, Young Community Developers who are doing the abatement projects- we see that these CBOs are not fighting for the totality of the clean up of the Shipyard but rather interested in making money working on very small abatement projects to the detriment of the community and the larger picture.

Such action stems from ignorance as was seen when Ahimsa Sumchai pointed to everyone at the Restoration Advisory Board. I did not see Olin Webb at the Restoration Advisory Board Meeting April 22, 2004 at Dago Mary's. I saw Chris Hanif from YCD. It would be prudent to put the reality of the facts before money. The abatement of the building on Parcel A demand that we see the cumulative impact of the whole areas surrounding Parcel A.

Also, demanding from the Navy what are the facts. As things stand today much of Parcel A is not clean. As things stand today there are at least 6 hot spots on Parcel A that those who are bidding to clean up are not fully aware. As things stand today we do not have a proper Environmental Impact Report based on the changed boundaries of Parcel A. As things stand today sellouts are dividing the community.

Hunters Point Shipyard is a testing ground that SFRA and the Navy are using to divide the community. We the community do not have the real support of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi who made some bad decision at the Presidio of San Francisco and worse ones at Hunters Point Shipyard. The District 10 Supervisor has not attended one single Restoration Advisory Meeting. She is ignorant, arrogant, and inept.

No one should be working or living at the Hunters Point Shipyard today. We know we have several entities working and living and this will come to haunt the SFRA in the long run. The SFRA has been giving leases to various entities and making a fool of themselves.

Some time ago the San Francisco Police Department defused a Second World War incendiary device - much like a small bomb in the open. Further investigation revealed that the SFRA lease had run out and that the lease did not spell out liability consequences. The same has been with the Artists who have been living at Hunters Point surrounded by pollutants many of, which are very dangerous to any Living Lifeform.

We have radiated animals buried at Hunters Point Shipyard. We have radiological elements in the sewer systems. We have many buildings some known and other unknown, which have been polluted by experiments linked to the Atomic Bombs. Sandblast from ships coated with radiological elements are found floating all over the Hunters Point Shipyard. The ground water is polluted and the Shipyard has been declared a SUPERFUND Site. Only the worst of the worst sites are declared Superfund sites.

While now about $200 millions is in place to do some cleanup? In the past over $300 million dollars were wasted by companies like International Technology (IT). No one talks about this. It would have been nice if Bayview Advocates, YCD, other phony CBOs who now want to make money dividing the community could have done something about this situation. They did not because like all CBOs Bayview Advocates and those CBO entities and personalities it harbored did not care and do not care about the community but more about their pockets.

ARC Ecology has been speaking for the community. I have never heard at any Public meeting anyone giving Arc Ecology the permission to speak on their behalf. Arc Ecology has been working closely with SFRA. At the December 2, 2004 Arc Ecology sided with the SFRA and this was the moment when they should have sided with the community. Arc Ecology has taken over $60,000 from Lennar BVHP LLC to build an ADA ramp. This is a conflict of interest. As Arc Ecology is on the Citizens Advisory Committee linked to Hunters Point.

San Francisco Redevelopment Agency is out to SCREW the community. We have but a few weeks to drive them out of this community. And when we do that let us put those CBOs who work with SFRA on notice. If not the community will go under.

Thursday, April 29, 2004 at 6 p.m. there is a Public Meeting with the San Francisco Redevelopment Commissioners present. The meeting will be held at the Bayview Opera House. The main agenda will discuss the Conveyance Agreement and the Hunters Point Shipyard. The community should attend and speak out.

This meeting was first scheduled at City Hall and then moved to the Burnett School and announced. Now it will be held at Ruth Williams Memorial Theatre - Bayview Opera House. The very fact that this important meetings has been moved twice already speaks volumes for the inconsistencies of the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency and those crones who are behind this nonsense of deceiving the constituents who will not be taken for a ride this time.

United we can and should kick these vermin out of our community.

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