President George Bush, Jr.


The war is not over and we have to be vigilant. Our service women and men have done their duty and hopefully now most of them will join their loved ones at home. God Bless America.

Now, that our service men and women have fulfilled their mission it is important that we take care of those we love so much - give them the best medical care. Take care of their spiritual needs and most importantly their fiscal needs.

When war calls our best - many families are torn with sadness and the long felt need of their loved ones. Some men take over the family needs as the wife serves our Nation. Many a time the family man gives his best to the Nation while his wife has to keep the family together.

During Desert Shield and Desert Storm I was given a Special Certificate and medal for helping the family of our Service men and women. I treasure this Certificate because it allowed me to support and comfort thousands of simple men and women, families and loved ones that served the Sixth United States Army and Presidio of San Francisco. God Bless America.

War brings with it many traumatic scars that we all have to deal with. How ever those closest to the war effort and those who actively participate in the Iraq war will live with the Scars for a long, long time.

Our President who is the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces did not serve one single day in the Services. He gave an order to start this war but he has NOT dared to end it. Even as we ponder what I have just stated we have in waiting for us many trials and tribulations - we all are stakeholders in this Iraq War because we are Americans and share the common burden of the Nation.

My prayers and good wishes are with our service men and women and with their loved ones. It is my contention that we will learn a lot from this historical war - stuff that has not been learned in any other war. As days turn to weeks and weeks to months we will learn what our embedded media could never reveal. Our Coalition Forces will share their inner most feelings and thoughts. Our Arab friends will shed their skin and reveal the bare bones of reality.

My articles on the Sand and other such articles gave some little insight about this war on Iraq - time will bring much more home, actual facts about this dastardly war on Iraq. We have harmed many innocent people especially children. War kills and healing takes time and years. God Bless America.

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