Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) is all out to shaft the ratepayers by increasing energy prices without blinking an eye, and PG&E thinks nothing of it. A few weeks ago PG&E gave most of its Managers millions of dollars in bonuses. One Executive got $17 million.

Now, PG&E have chosen to increase the price ratepayers pay so that it can upgrade some of its facilities and some of them Nuclear.

PG&E can choose the course it wants to take and hand it on a platter to the California Public Utilities Commission and just like that get its blessing.

It can do the same with the California Energy Commission and they will go along and what is more sing along. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is another joke - it has never taken a stand for the longest time ever. Even today it is confused and nothing much has changed.

One must remember that not long ago PG&E declared bankruptcy. It then turned around and had the ratepayers bail PG&E out for over $8 billion dollars. Yes, $8 billion just in case you thought I put in the wrong figure. The ratepayers will be paying this amount for the longest time ever.

In the meantime PG&E shareholders are jumping as the PG&E share is paying dividends.

How did PG&E do that - well, it wrote off its losses and squeezed the ratepayers by playing bluff and lo and behold it now has billions to play with. I said billions because one must remember reorganization can give you lots of room to play many investment games. The law allows and permits the filthy rich to do as they please. But if you are poor and do not fork up - you get sent to the slaughterhouse. Of course crooks have been doing it for years and PG&E has been in the game for close to a hundred years.

San Francisco once took it to the voters and we wanted to control our own destiny - have our own power and to hell with PG&E. There a number of counties who own their own power and have told PG&E to go climb the stack that spews toxins at Mirant and Hunters Point.

Here is San Francisco PG&E has aligned with San Francisco Environment and has been playing games with the constituents of San Francisco. Cal Broomhead, Ann Kelly, Yvonne Webb, Jared Blumfeld, Jesse Blout, Edward Smeloff, others and we can name them are out to screw the constituents of San Francisco.

Of course the California Public Utilities Commission will call for Public Hearings. At these dog and pony shows a lot of verbosity, waste of time, and the crooks will meet at the end of it all - behind closed doors and give PG&E the blind check they have always got for the longest time ever.

TURN which is a sellout and has formulated language and rules that favor this organization which earns millions by going to bed with the utility companies. Of course you will never see people of color around anywhere these scenarios - the commissioners, the utilities owners, the intervenors all pretend to do their job - but each of them have just one interest their pockets. And of course most of them are Whip Cream.

The City and County of San Francisco has Hetch Hetchy but all the power that comes from Hetch Hetchy is controlled by PG&E. The City Fathers at one time thought they would enjoy the juice from the Hetch Hetchy Valley. The Valley belonged to the Miwoks but the greedy scumbags chose to drown the valley and the spiritual sites of the Miwoks. The Miwoks were never compensated and the Elders put a hex on the project and the so-called stalwarts who made it possible suffer to this day.

The transmission lines stopped outside the City San Francisco and County lines - Hetch Hetchy generates all the power we need and more but since PG&E control the transmission lines - the City have fallen prey to the monster who has been calling the shots.

Now, PG&E are all geared up the build the Jefferson-Martin Line. Most folks think the Environmental Concerns will affect the Jefferson-Martin Transmission Line. The fact of the matter is that PG&E has figured it all out. The parties involved and outside the realm of intervenors can bark all they want and nothing will come of it. The so-called intervenors inside the circle - can bark, write, and cajole and will not get near anyway any worthwhile fiscal compensation.

It is for the Almighty Commissioners who belong to the California Pubic Utilities Commission to acknowledge a statement here or a word there for some measly compensation. Perhaps the only decent person on the Commission is Loretta Lynch and the worst one some one with the last name Kennedy. We remember Oracle and we remember the dealings with Governor Davis who has been replaced with a terminator governor.

The Energy game is mostly played in Sacramento. This card game has all the crooks gather in one place and anyone worth his or her salt better stay outside the boundaries. The crooks are all armed - if you enter you sign away your life and can carry no weapons. If you do enter - be prepared for that electric zap and before you blink an eye you are history. Ashes on the platter of GRID high powered by the monsters of all time in living history.

The California Independent Systems Operator will tell you they mean well when they see those blips on their screen and really have empirical data on energy flows above, below, and under their assess. But, if we can trust them they were caught napping when Enron was fleecing grandmothers and bragging about it for the entire world to hear.

Some of the California Independent Systems Operator head hunchos have jumped ship. Other are baffled when you ask them a question. Well, they know how to manipulate and it does not take a rocket scientist to tell you those who can count wrong and have failed Californians again and again.

PG&E have full control of its destiny. When it saw what was coming when the State of California begged PG&E to fulfill it long term contracts without Accountability and Transparency it laughed and laughs all the way to the bank today.

Each PG&E customer pays several hundred dollars every year and is entitled to benefits. Low-income ratepayers should receive some compensation and support. It will come as a shock that PG&E makes most of its money from the poor and gives filthy fat pigs a break.

I brought the question of Public Housing that once did not pay for their energy as they got it from a Hetch Hetchy source. It 1998 Willie L. Brown who owns PG&E stock and shares, as do Nancy Pelosi, and Dianne Feinstein, Richard Blum, Donald Fisher, and may be Jared Blumfeld - Willie made PG&E meter the Public Homes and just like that PG&E has been earning millions of dollars from Public Housing up at Hunter Point, Potrero Hill, and Sunnydale Housing Project every single year since 1998.

Our Board of Supervisors does not care nor give a rat ass for the constituents of San Francisco who are poor. The District 10 Supervisor is the most inept. She does not know anything beyond her ugly nose. Sophie is full of hot air and has not done anything worthwhile for the poor.

For all the years Sophie Maxwell has been around she might as well have been gone to hell. Surrounded by crones like Karen Pierce, Olin Webb, Joe Boss who have access to her den of thieves - she could not care less nor understand Energy Issues. And then there is Steve Moss and Edward Smelloff who was with her when the failed conduits were being looked at.

Today Sophie Maxwell is in favor of Combustible Turbines run on fossil fuel, which pollute the air. Coolers cool by half-treated effluents that will spew pathogens into the air. Our children are dying and Sophie Maxwell does not give a hoot.

Pacific Gas and Electric shafts the ratepayers and can do that because no one really wants to take them on. Those who take them on are bought and soon they play the game. PG&E pays and they shut up.

The City and County of San Francisco with all its plans: The City Energy Plan, the LAFCO Plan, Beck on the rack plan, the San Francisco Environment Plant, the Peaker Plan - it is just one ruckus after the other - the City and County of San Francisco jumping from the frying pan into the fire!

The California Public Utilities Commission has an on line site. Go there and give the goons a piece of your mind. Mind over matter that is what counts in the final analysis.

Once the Great Spirit spoke and told of a people who would be so greedy that they would destroy the environs.

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