In the late 1800s Hunters Point was taken over by eminent domain. First the Navy took over a small area and later a larger area all in the name of the War Effort. There was NOT one single African American or Black living in or around the area at this time. African Americans came in the late 1940s and that is a fact. Mention is made of this fact because they are some CROOKS who think the land belongs to Blacks. This notion is not factual and those trying to divide the community better chose a route of progress, diversity and unity.

At one time over 10,000 people worked at the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. The came from all over the City and County of San Francisco and there were those who lived in Hunters Point in homes provided by the United States Navy. Today the homes are given to low income folks. Some of the homes are managed by the Housing Authority and by others. In some areas the people own homes. Most people on Hunters Point enjoy the best views but the perennial problem has been pollution in the air, water, and the land in and around Hunters Point. Many of the older homes need urgent abatement. Today hundreds of homes are boarded up. The Federal HUD makes more money boarding the homes then renting them. A paradox that no one wants to address.

In 1974 the Hunters Point Shipyard Closed. For a long time the base just lay there with all the hot spots containing hazardous materials and with methane gas flowing under the fill in land which is mostly everywhere at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard.

Today the Navy is trying its best to clean up the land which once had two hills much like the Bayview Hill which is mostly intact. The Bayview Hill has Shellmounds. Shellmounds are Sacred Burial Grounds. The Muwekma Ohlone knows this and so do many others.

At Hunters Point the two hills with Shellmounds were razed to the ground and with the Shellmounds and the crushing of manganese, which in its grounded state are toxic. Radiological experiments, wasted ammunition, acids, and many other toxic chemicals were buried and spilled all over the Hunters Point Shipyard. There they lay for years and contaminated the watershed, the air, and the land.

Right now the City and County of San Francisco is trying hard to put San Francisco Redevelopment Authority (SFRA) in the driverŐs seat to take charge of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. The SFRA is corrupt. People seem to forget what happened in the Fillmore. Well, the Fillmore is round the corner. Do not trust the San Francisco Redevelopment Authority, ever.

Recently certain crooks that worked for the Mayor Office of Economic Development have taken refuge within the SFRA. They are there to speed the conveyance of the shipyard, which means they are trying to hoodwink the public. Working hard behind the scene to convince the Navy to hand over the Shipyard which is a Superfund Site.

These crooks are dumb, ignorant, and arrogant folks who purport to support and work for the community, but are working with entities like Lennar BVHP LLC to take over the Shipyard and build over 1600 homes on land that has not been cleaned up. Backing these crooks are certain community organizations that work closely with the District 10 Supervisor who is a sell out.

I have stated before that the Muwekma Tribe exercised its Right of First Refusal in 1991. These fools do not know what this means. Some of them do not fully understand that this land was stolen from the First People. Those 18 treaties signed between the various Tribes and the U.S. government were never ratified. This is a genuine problem in our land - ignorant and uneducated fools pretending to know everything.

Jesse Blout, Michael Cohen, Sophie Maxwell, Nancy Pelosi, the old Senator, the Mayor, the corrupt Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) faking to represent the community and appointed by the corrupt Mayor Willie Brown can try to fool the people some of the time but surely not all of the time. Once the Mayor leaves the CAC is history. It may require litigation to restore what is right. I say this because in the next three months a lot of corrupt actions may be implemented.

I have stated numerous times the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard should be cleaned, as it is a Superfund Site. It should be cleaned in toto.

It should be cleaned so that if it is developed no one suffers from the toxins that are known to be on the Shipyard and which make it a Superfund Site.

We do not need strangers telling the First People whose land it is, what is right and what is wrong. What is wrong is that the land was stolen from the Ohlone and until it is returned to them - nothing is R I G H T. What is the TRUTH is that the Ohlone were everywhere before the STRANGERS and this is the TRUTH.

What is a fact is that more African Americans have left and will leave the City and County of San Francisco during the term of Willie Brown!

Hunters Point Shipyard Phase One Development

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