The Nation once bragged about war and how we could shock the enemy and attain our goals. Now, the Nation at this very moment is slow to react to the over 600 service women and men killed and we are shocked in awe. When 700 service women and men die this Nation will rebel.

I hope that this Nation realizes once and for all that we have NO business what so ever messing in another Sovereign Nation's business. All the more if Great Britain is behind assuring us that they too are behind us with their lies. Britain has divided the world and it continues to do so today. The nations of Germany, France, Italy, Japan, China are cautious when it comes to invasion and messing with another Nation.

In today's world we have technology and the highest forms of mediation to resolve any conflict. Wars of engagement are very simple. The enemy has to provoke you with intent to cause harm to the constituents. In this case we have been messing with Iraq from the days of the Iraq-Iran war and we have sacrificed our own citizens for the mistakes of fools.

We now have these hearings after 9/11 and it is nauseating to hear the remarks of those who should have all the correct information. We heard one Intelligence Chief say that it will take us 5 years to get our act together. More like 15 years if you ask me.

As things stand today there is a culture built over the years that no one wants to give up within the agencies that are the government? We have agencies that do not want to talk to another because they think their method of operation and what ever is superior. The fact is the Enemy now knows for a fact that we have cracks in our system - so all the more is this Nation vulnerable.

The enemy has forced us to go to check points and personal checks that have affected the Nations psyche. Instead of the enemy being put into inconvenience ordinary citizens every day are reminded that they are the targets of searches and doubts. All the more if they are people of color or belong to countries in the Middle East.

We should not go to war for any flimsy reason. Congress should put in place very strict restrictions to go to war. Who broke the pottery barn law? Who is that fool who bragged and now has so many of our service men and women in body bags? Who is that one person who should responsibility for all the deaths and for ruining the economy of this country we call the United States of America?

The enemy will always target us but we should unite our own people in this Nation. Today most people cannot trust the White House. In the next election, this coming November 2004 Bush will be out. Unfortunately we all will have to live with the deficit and our children will have to pay heavily for the consequences and blunders of Cheney and Rumsfield.

Iraq will come to haunt us even us we haunted the innocent Iraqi citizens with our 5000 pound bombs. Sadam is alive and if he were told the truth he would have some advice for Rumsfield who once licked his boots way back in 1991. Very few remember this incident.

We have not even started in Afghanistan and now we have Iraq to manage without the proper tools and a strong plan of action. It is next to impossible for the Western World and mind to fathom the mentality of the people of Iraq - they will never bow down to the heathens or to the non-Muslim. Never.

We cannot throw our brand of dollars and materialism before the people of Iraq. The Iraqis have a civilization that is thousands of years old. We have a country that is not yet 250 years old. Yet we want to dictate terms to others.

We should remember that once millions died in this country to fashion a system that we once derived from the Six Nations the First People. Of course Jefferson and his group of constitutional writers would tell you that but the Nation of people who are not educated do not know the truth.

Here at home we have NOT resolved the question of giving Federal Recognition to the First People. Many tribes in California are second class citizens. This is their land but justice does not meet them at home. Yet we want to do justice abroad.

Our troops do not want to be in Iraq. It is wrong to put them in harms way for so long. Many of them have been there for over a year. Again and again their stay has been extended. This is plain wrong.

Bring our troops home and bring them home now.

Whom many I ask in shocked in awe?

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