Today, June 6, 2004 several ceremonies are being held to commemorate the D-Day invasion by the allied command forces against Hitler and his forces of evil, destruction and dictatorship.

Thousands of allied forces landed on the beaches of Normandy and thousands were shot and killed by the Nazis. On land the Nazi fortification were powered by very heavy artillery.

Paratroopers landed in the thousands and hundreds of them were shot and killed.

The invasion was a planned invasion and many of the men who died trained for over 2 years. When the day came most of the soldiers were terrified because the Nazis had the maximum number of barriers to prevent any movement on the beaches. There were so many types of mines placed in the thousands that one wonders how human ingenuity overcame the evil designs of the Nazis and took over so much ground.

The French resistance played an important role and much has been written about that. It would be proper and right to honor at this time all those soldiers who were connected to Sixth United States Army.

I would also like to pay my homage to the African American forces that played a major role and were given the most difficult tasks to perform in World War II on this 60th anniversary.

In the air the Tuskegee Airmen did superb they flew over 2500 sorties without suffering a single mishap or casualty.

Former soldiers who fought as Buffalo Soldiers proved themselves as valiant warriors on many battlefields during World War II. To them and others like them who gave much many of us are forever grateful.

History has not been truthful and much valor and blood spilled by those who were not White has not been recorded fairly. When will that day come?