The Mirant Stack.


Most of the parties who are now planning to place 3 polluting Combustible Turbines (CT) using FOSSIL fuel have been at this game for a long time. The last time around they wanted the community to rush through the Public Meetings and have the CTs placed by December 2003.

Today we have two old power plants which daily pollute the air and affect the people of the Southeast Area. These two old toxic spewing power plants use Fossil Fuel. It is simply wrong in this day and age to use Fossil fuel. The fools call it Natural Gas.

The 3 Combustible Turbines were given to the City and County of San Francisco by Williams Company. This Company was heavily involved in fleecing the constituents of California in the year 2000. Now, this same company after donating the toxic spewing CTs will also provide the fossil fuel. This is a sweet deal that is so DEVIOUS it makes one PUKE. This deal defies logic but what is more it kills people.

Daily one can go by Hunters Point or by Dog Patch and see the two power plants spew their toxic pollutants into the air. The Hunters Point power plant is worse - because they fire the maximum turbines at night causing untold damage to the constituents who live close by in Public Housing.

Our children are DYING. I have said this so many times - I find it difficult to imagine that NO ONE is listening. OUR CHILDREN ARE DYING. OUR CHILDREN ARE DYING.

We do not need any CTs in San Francisco. We need to repair, replace and maintain our Transmission Lines within and outside the City and County of San Francisco. It is as simple as that.

If we have good transmission lines we can bring in the power. Since the last time the Power Plants fleeced California - we have a surplus of brand new Power Plants outside San Francisco - all willing to supply us with power or energy.

Secondly, we should have a plan in place to reduce and curtail energy. The people have a plan but crooks within the City and County of San Francisco like Cal Broomhead and Ann Kelly who work for San Francisco Environment have been trying to work against the constituents of San Francisco.

It is paramount that we close down Hunters Point power plant. It is very important that we shut down the Mirant Plant in toto. It is a CRIME to site any fossil CTs on the Mirant Site.

If the Board of Supervisors, the SF Public Utilities Commission, the California Independent System Operators, California Public Utilities Commission think that it is a good idea - I have a suggestion. Place one Combustible Turbine at the Presidio of San Francisco and George Lucas will pay for it and benefit from it.

Place another one at the Mission Sub-Station it will stop the black outs we have been experiencing.

Place the third CT by Howard where it can accommodate two CTs.

Please do not place any additional CTs in our community. In fact shut down all the power plants. At it is we deal with the Electromagnetic Fields as well as the pollution from the old, toxic spewing Power Plants.

One does not need to be a rocket scientist to understand this concept. We do not need one single CT in the Southeast Sector. If a single one is placed the parties involved will face the toughest opposition.

We will come out in force and shut down the whole area. Imagine the traffic problems and all the confusion you will cause. We will do this until we get a written Memorandum of Understanding that will be written by our lawyers. This time around we do not want to attend stupid meetings and waste our time.

We will also expose all the crooks that want to harm our children and adversely impact the constituents who have suffered for years. No Combustible Turbines in our Backyard.

Community Comments on PG&E Program
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The Hunters Point Power Point Stack.

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