I was born in Nairobi, Kenya in the late 1940's. Nairobi, is at an altitude of 5800 feet above sea level. I have fond memories of the clean air, the sweet drinking water, the fauna, and the various Parks blessed with wild animals and forests one of a kind. The home of human kind, Dr. Leakey fame, homo sapiens!

As a young boy I remember the various tribes in Kenya. Tears swell in my eyes because those were the days when you could really be in touch with nature and feel spiritual. Be aware of all nature's goodness that so few are privileged to experience today.

As we have stated here many times the First People all over the world practiced sustainable practices much before it became a fashion word in the so call developed countries. What ever that means to those that think something of the term "sustainable" in today's society world wide.

Spiritual Sustainability are powerful words. Spiritual because one has to have an experience with the Sacred. Sustainable because it is linked with Respect, Conservation, and sustained use.

The First People all over the Earth always had respect for Mother Earth. As a consequence they did not waste anything that was important to their well being. Being human they understood they had to take care of their mind, body and soul. One has to eat, work, build, breathe, procreate, and so on and so that the First People maintained a philosophy that was unique and did not need any explanation " Spiritual Sustainability". Their respect for Mother Earth and use of all elements was second nature to them. In simple terms they did not think about wasting anything. They did not think about polluting thing!

Then came so called people who were linked to the developed world. Closely linked to these people and their philosophy was the word we take for granted and is second nature to most of us "GREED". Greed goes hand in hand with waste and pollution, disrespect and discord.

Synonymous with the word GREED is exploitation and destruction. Where once there was respect and caring each one of us can discern and see how far along we all have come to address issues and concerns on which our very survival and existence depends. We can sincerely reflect how our actions have polluted what was once pristine. How we have changed values harming what the First People preserved and protected for thousands of years. They were the true care takers of the world. Most of us should feel ashamed that we have betrayed that TRUST.

As human beings we fully realize that we should care for our soul, our mind, and our body. We state this more importantly as we move along steadily in the new millennium. This site has always taken inspiration from the First People all over the world. We are fully aware of Sustainable Practices and call upon every child, woman, and man to view our Earth with respect and care. Most importantly care of our souls!

Spiritual Sustainability. We have taken inspiration from those concepts, ideas, and visions that move us toward progress and growth and affects our total human growth.

Cyber space has afforded us the opportunity to share our vision in seconds, win appreciation, and make stuff happen. Of course adverse actions to can be used by this powerful tool. As intelligent beings hopefully most of us will opt for that which is the very best.

Closer to home the Presidio of San Francisco has three main entities the National Park Service (NPS) , the National Park Association (NPA), and the Trust. Each of these entities has practically no notion of " Spiritual Sustainability". The NPS is an organization that loves to work on a model of consensus building and endless talk. The result nothing gets done and when it get done, most things have drastically changed. The NPA get things done but their philosophy is not centered, very mundane many of its projects have attained cold goals. Goals in limbo! Its biggest fiasco the Crissy Field Project. Also, night tours of Alcatraz Island stepping on the toes of the NPS Rangers and Interpretation Team.

The Trust is an animal that really does not know itself. It has been in existence for a few years and does not have a sound blue print much less one that which is connected to Spiritual Sustainability. It is at logger heads with the NPS and NPA and tries to survive having failed in a big way by backing the dot.com companies many of whom wanted to participate in the so called current planning and prosperity of the Presidio of San Franciso. The recent financial collapses of dot.com companies had sent the Trust reeling and praying on its knees. It is time they diversify their projects and backers. Give more opportunities to diverse groups, help and build the multicultural diversification of the Presidio of San Francisco. It should reflect the population of the Bay Area. Artists the soul of society should be given good opportunities.

On the horizon we have good news the Muwekma Ohlone will be put back on the Federal Register may be as soon as July, 2001. Joel Skidmore my trusted friend who spear headed this web site and the main Muwekma web site played a key role in helping thousands all over the world gain important information about the Muwekma Ohlone. Today, the Muwekma site is a source of concrete information and moving in the right direction.

In this new millennium it is right that the First People of the Bay Area find their rightful place in current society as partners who can speak up and hold those principles that were held in high esteem by the Elders and the Ohlone of yester years. We have fought a good fight, we had a vision, but we feel humble that so much has been destroyed by disrespecting the wisdom of the Elders and by GREED!

The Bioneers and other entities have been on the fore front propagating ideas about Sustainability. Some gain has been made but the fact is we are worse off today then we were before. The fiasco linked to the Electricity in California speaks volumes. Deregulation has helped some rich entities get filthy rich. The public has been taken for a ride.

Today, our infrastructure linked to Electricity and Operations is faulty. To fix it will take billions. We have the demand but we have NO mechanism in palace today to supply the demand. We simply did not think that power plants produce energy. We also did not pursue alternative sources of energy such as solar, methane, and so on.

We certainly made big mistakes, focused on short term stupid changes that have benefit the rich entities in a big way! I say this because few of us spoke up. I certainly did. So did the Bay Guardian and Savannah Blackwell. We have been monitoring the crooks for a long, long time.

How does the Lucas Digital Center at the Presidio of San Francisco address energy concerns what the morons refer to as Sustainable?

Today, energy is wasted all over the Presidio of San Francisco. Some timid, unorganized methods have been used to monitor energy use and this is a shame. Lots of talk very little action.

The same can be said about transportation. About jobs and diversity. Housing and Non-profits. The Forest Management Plan and Toxic Clean up and that includes Mountain Lake. We need to speak up. To speak up you need to study the issues at hand and question the crooks who are in charge!

The Presidio Trust Implementation Plan (PTIP) is a farce. Meetings held at the Log Cabin ( a remote and inaccessible site) are non conducive to dialogue. It is a fact that the process linked with the PTIP is moving in the WRONG direction.

Let Spiritual Sustainability bring about the required changes and put the issues back on the right track. We cannot bring about concrete change if we do not dialogue. Time is running out and the time to act is right now.

We have spoken after monitoring the issues at hand for a long time. We sincerely believe that there are good intelligent people around who will speak up, dialogue, and confront those entities who are always taking the public for a ride! Rides are good when they reach a destination and serve the needs of the majority in a fair manner! Spiritual Sustainability if followed properly will move us in the direct direction in this new millennium. God Speed!