We have not found weapons of mass destruction. We have seen vast destruction by 5000-pound bombs, Cruise Missiles, much of it dropped from the skies and much of it sent into Iraq from the seas miles away. The media has been quick to show some little inferior weapons captured but we yet to get a glimpse of the inventory of weapons we have expanded in this senseless war. Where is Saddam? Most probably Syria sipping some quality green tea and smoking a Cuban cigar!

It is a shame to see all the looting going unchecked all over Iraq. It is wrong to give license to some criminal elements to add further pain and sorrow on innocent people from Iraq who expected better from the British and American forces.

Iraqis are very proud of their civilization - going back thousands of years. It is sad that museums with precious artifacts have been looted. Time will tell and I hope history on this aspect is fairly reported to the world. I hope none of these precious artifacts land in Britain of the United States.

From the inception we said this war would not be easy and that difficult situations would arise - much of the future of Iraq will be controlled by the Mullahs who do not care what so called mighty weapon wielding nations impose on those who have inferior weapons. Who use over kill to attain their objectives. We really have NO weapons to deal with the Mullahs.

The Western Media has done a very poor job and has not been objective in its coverage. I hope the media learns a big lesson from the reporting of this war. The worst reporting from Fox News who repeated one picture again and again - boring and one sided.

The vast Syrian border unguarded has given those with means and power to take safe haven in Syria. The Syrians will offer hospitality to the Iraqi leadership and others since both countries are very close and have been close of thousand of years.

We will learn more as the time flows about Syria. We will learn more about the Muslim Faith - and we should learn to be very careful NOT to mess in the internal affairs of any Nation without International Support.

It is not for us the British and the Americans to say that we did a good job - it is for the world to say that all is well.

We have just captured General Amer Al-Saadi who is number 55 on our own deck of cards. The next few days will reveal much but not too much. Much of what we wanted lies with Saddam and his few henchmen who are now in Syria.

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