When we first started this web site we stated we had a vision. We also declared that all women, men, and children are created equal. Towards this end we declared that we would discuss and provide opportunities to make stuff happen, so that the majority would benefit. We were bold to declare that the steps we would take would affect most everyone one on the Presidio, the extended Bay Area, the Nation, and all over the world.

We first chose to participate at the Summit On Africa which was held from June 3 to 6, 1999. This summit was a deliberative progress based on some 5 thematic issues. All my friends who participated made an impact on the Summit On Africa. In the end we were chosen as delegates part of the 208 strong delegates all destined to go to Washington in February of 2000. Our participation will affect decisions that Washington and the World Leaders make on policy matters linked to Africa as a continent.

We were instrumental in selecting our Chairperson, Dr Ramona Tascoe. We were all very happy when Dr Tascoe was voted to be our Chairperson to lead the 208 strong delegation to Washington, in February of 2000.

In California and the Bay Area in particular we have held several meetings to better inform the delegates and prepare ourselves for key regional meetings that will be held in Southern, Central, and Northern California leading to the Summit On Africa which will be held in Washington, February 17 to 20, 2000.

For some years now we have been striving to have a building of our own to honor the Buffalo Soldiers. Every year we have held some exhibit or event to keep the fire burning, bring information and educate the public. This year it was agreed to permit Anthony Powell to have an exhibit at the Herbst Exhibition Hall in the Presidio for 9 months.

The Lower Fort Mason Foundation and the Trust agreed to be partners with Anthony Powell. We helped created the discussions, participated in most of the meetings, and we are pleased that now we have succeeded in fulfilling that dream that one day the Buffalo Soldiers exhibit be held at the Presidio.

Building 2, the former Army Museum will be rehabilitated so that eventually the Buffalo Soldiers Museum will be a permanent exhibit at the Presidio. We realize that the Buffalo Soldiers have played an important role in history. They have been part of the history of the building of the West. Without them the early settlers would be at a loss. The Buffalo Soldiers looked after the National Parks and vast Federal Lands and problems associated with them.

Once desegregated they contributed their talents in the Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard. Skilled engineers, and well versed in logistics, they made things happen. Brave in war they were the pride of any unit they belonged to. They won respect from everyone; even the Native Americans loved them for their courage and dignity.

The Presidio Buffalo Soldiers connection will affect many and make an impact on every level. Many in the extended Bay Area will be involved and participate in real issues as a result of the Buffalo Soldiers exhibit. Entities on the National and International level are already showing interest and this is good.

From July of 1993 we having been dreaming and our dream has at last come true. We have a Recycling Site at building 1243 on the Presidio, where we can educate the public and especially the youth about not wasting and not polluting the Earth.

The Presidio General Management Plan (GMP) and Environmental Impact Study (EIS) are two documents that everyone talks about at the Presidio of San Francisco. There is not a meeting or deliberation where these two documents are not mentioned. Another word mentioned again and again is the word "sustainability".

We always had a vision to have a recycling site. Our vision was very simple: educate everyone especially the youth to stop waste and learn how NOT to pollute the earth. Towards this end we started the Recycling Program on the Presidio way back in July 1993. The Army had a Recycling Program in place. Soon after the Army left there was a void. We filled this void and made things happen. Today, we can say that we have kept the torch burning and will continue keeping the recycling torch alive.

The first people of the Bay Area are the Ohlone. I have always stated very clearly that I will fight for the Ohlone who went before us. I sincerely believe that great INJUSTICE was done to the Ohlone who went before us. Today, the injustice continues at the Presidio of San Francisco.

We have stated again and again that it is not right, building a playground over the Sacred burial grounds of the Ohlone at Crissy Field. Especially, in light of the human remains that were found in 1972 and carbon dated to 1300 years. These remains and a few artifacts were those of a young Ohlone woman.

Some months ago artifacts and human remains were stored in four garages bordering Gorgas Avenue at the Presidio. These garages burnt down and with them the artifacts, human remains, and documents. These facts have been kept confidential for such are the ways of those that are evil and will do anything and everything NOT to reveal the truth. It is a shame that so called archeologists are part of this sham.

July 23, 1999 the National Park Service (NPS) and the National Park Association (NPA) signed a Memorandum of Agreement with some Ohlones and other tribes, concerning issues of tribal interest on Crissy Field and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. The Muwekma Ohlone who have patrimonial jurisdiction over Crissy Field were left out. We state as we have always that this is not RIGHT.

Following our vision, we have created and given opportunities to artists, youth, and those that need assistance to make things happen at the Presidio and the extended Bay Area. We have provided support to those that have asked for it from all over the Nation and the world.

Once again we sincerely thank all those who support and dedicate themselves to keeping this web site alive and progressive. As we near the year 2000 we will be involved in many issues and projects. We do believe that we have a VISION and that if we strive for it, we will be successful.