Beware of Snakes!


At this late hour after years of neglect our youth are being given an opportunity to get trained through a program where various San Francisco City Departments are setting aside money to train our youth.

The Budget Committee headed by Sandoval and propped up by McGoldrick the many worded Supervisor and the action oriented Daly are giving there best shot to set millions of dollars of training money.

You can see the Department of Public Works with Mohammed Nuru and Lee grimace to set a few hundred thousand dollars aside all taxpayers money to train our youth. San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has a $3.6 billion dollar bond measure for Capitol Improvements linked to our infrastructure and Hetch Hetchy. It is critical that San Franciscans create this program, facilitate this program, and manage this program. We do not want outsiders who really do not have the interests of this City and our Youth to mess with this program. Especially consultants they take and take and do not give.

It is good to have money but better still to have a proven program that can deliver with Accountability and Transparency. Our Board of Supervisors often mean well but fail to follow up and review the details. Remember the devil is in the details as important as good, honest facilitators, consultants, and advisors who should not sacrifice our YOUTH.

This is the City and County of San Francisco. We pride ourselves when we say we are the City that knows how. Well, now is our opportunity and let us show to the world that we really care for our youth. Let us not just talk the talk but walk the walk. Our talented youth will deliver.

Thousands of talented youth all over the City and County of San Francisco have been hearing and waiting on the sidelines. The program is for all of San Francisco not just those Community Based Organizations who once wasted millions of dollars like the MUNI 3rd Street Lightrail Project an over $600 million project.

Beware of Private Industry Council and most of all of vultures that do not live in the City and County of San Francisco. It is time the best talent from San Francisco and our local Unions gives their time to help our youth. The Unions who make so much can and should do their part.

The San Francisco Youth Commission should take a keen interest and join the various Collaboratives and observe and review the actions of those who are working for the youth. The Youth Commission should ask the Citywide Collaborative to have one of their members on the various Collaboratives.

The various Community Based Organizations should have a proven track record. In the Mission we should especially monitor the organization First Hire and if need be call the Federal Bureau of Investigation to see how this organization spends its money from sources that originate from State and Federal sources.

It is right that other organizations that once had links with MUNI 3rd Street Lightrail be kept out of sight as they failed the constituents of San Francisco and failed the constituents of Bayview Hunters Point.

Let us keep our eye on the ball. Watch carefully the San Francisco County Transportation Authority (SFCTA). Watch out for those facilitators and consultants SFCTA has on their pay roll to try to train our youth and as agents hiring our youth.

We need lots of monitoring and lots of fiscal constraints. We do not need any of those crooks that aligned with Willie L. Brown and made millions of dollars at the San Francisco Airport, Moscone Center, Moscone Center West, Mission Bay. Do you know that Mission Bay is now up for sale and Cattelus Corporation so happy to have got the Maximum State and Federal benefits?

Our youth should get the best advice and each and every document monitored by the City Controller. The City Attorney and most of all I hope the Federal Bureau of Investigation. It is not right that our youth be taken for a ride not in this time around.

This program is a good idea now we need the best monitoring to make it happen.

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