400,000 protest.


Over 400,000 people from all walks of life marched down Market Street and gathered around the Civic Center to hear speeches from activists denouncing President Bush proposed war on Iraq.

Photos of peace march by David Erickson.

The protest was very peaceful and most of us heaved a sigh of relief when thousands gathered in front of Civic Center at the end of the march.

There were so many families and a lot of children marching peacefully.

It is our desire and hope that better sense prevails and that our Nation does not go to war. We do not have to put our Service women and men who serve this Nation in harms way. There are other ways to oust Sadam Hussein. Millions of women, children and Iraqi men mostly civilians should not fall prey to American bombs that will spare nothing in their path.

Millions of protesters gathered all over the world yesterday February 15, 2003. Here in San Francisco we permitted the Chinese community to hold their Chinese New Year parade, yesterday. Today, Sunday we had our protest and according to those who follow key events - this was indeed the biggest gathering of individual protesting - some 400,000 people strong.

Millions protest war in London.

Francisco with a protestor from Egypt.

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