The City and County of San Francisco fails to understand that it cannot and should not except any land transfer be it on Hunters Point Shipyard or anywhere else unless the land is clean. As a guiding force it could use it own Precautionary Principal that has been accepted and embraced by the Board of Supervisors, the City and County of San Francisco, and which the San Francisco Department of Health should adhere to.

The Precautionary Principle is one element that clearly spells out that the City and County of San Francisco should not except any transfer of land unless the elements adversely affecting the constituents of San Francisco have been addressed. In the case of Hunters Point Shipyard the land is not clean and it will not be clean unless we have billions of dollars to do the cleanup. Not the measly 200 million that Diane Feinstein and her cronies helped release with ulterior motives.

Again and again the San Francisco Health Department has not helped the constituents and gone with the flow. The Health Department has a person who sits on the Restoration Advisory Board she does not live in San Francisco and her input into the critical issues has been one, which can best be described as pathetic.

At the last Radiological Sub-committee some of us had an opportunity to speak to the Navy. The Navy is fully aware that Parcel A has some serious radiological issues. The Navy is also being forced to hand over Parcel A so that Lennar BVHP can build some 1600 housing units on land that is a toxic dump.

The basic elements of CEQA have not been upheld. The Navy has changed the boundaries relevant to Parcel A and is fully cognizant of the fact that there are new findings linked to radiological hotspots. Within a hundred feet of the Parcel A boundary run veins of methane gas, the surrounding parcels around Parcel A have not been cleaned and the empirical data gathered points to a clean up that will take years.

The Navy does not have the money to do the clean up with its limited resources.

Genuine community leaders are fed up with the ploys of the City and County of San Francisco and the Navy. The Mayor's Office of Economic Development has no clue and is focused to bring in San Francisco Redevelopment Agency (SFRA) a very corrupt agency and its present director Marcia Rosen who has adversely impacted the Housing Needs and Infrastructure of the City and County of San Francisco. This corrupt woman must go.

SFRA is dividing the community painting a picture that the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard belongs mostly to African Americans for development. SFRA is working with the Bayview Project Area Committee that is corrupt and has NOT held a legal election since 1998. The present PAC is illegal and the SFRA is doing all in its power to work with these corrupt PAC members to defy and adversely impact the community at large.

Missing in the equation as things stand now the African Americans are in the minority. It is just a matter of time when Asians and Hispanics will be in the majority in the Bayview Hunters Point area. As things stand today the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency has kept these two major communities out.

This action is comparable to the injustice done to the Japanese community in the Fillmore. Jessie Blout and Marcia would do well to remember that once people did not speak out resulting in the atrocities committed by one individual and an episode we all recall as the holocaust. We see many minor holocausts happening all over the City and County of San Francisco by those who should know better.

The City and County of San Francisco did not perform well in studying and providing a sound Housing Element. The City and County of San Francisco did much injustice by not doing a good job on Transportation data. In the interim Mark Leno introduce a State Bill in Sacramento that permits the City and County of San Francisco to accept the faulty Housing Element passed by the Planning Commission. The sole purpose being to give SFRA access to millions of dollars so that SFRA can build homes at Hunters Point and other areas such as the Transbay Terminal.

Again and again the Mayor of San Francisco Gavin Newsom has been warned. Again and again Mayor Gavin Newsom listens to Jessie Blout, Marcia Rosen, Larry Florin, Saul Bloom, Michael Cohen we all can see the common denominator. On the sideline we have other cronies like Jared Blumenfield, Water Shorenstein, Don Fisher, Dianne Feinstein, Ricard Blum and still no one sees the common denominator.

These same forces see nothing to place 3 Combustible Peakers near the Mirant Plant on a site that we all know is polluted and was once the site which has verified radiological concerns. Parcel A is very close to the polluted Hunters Point power plant that spews more then 1000 tons of toxic pollutants into the air every year.

The District Supervisor Sophie Maxwell is dumb, inept, and very arrogant. She has done nothing for the community. She prides herself that she knows what is happening but has not addressed one single health issue benefiting our youth. When mitigation money was given to address health issues and help the constituents she made herself the head of the fiscal committee and saw that her mother's school and other crooks got millions of dollars. She worked with the Department of the Environment to make this happen.

Karen Pierce, Olin Webb, Joe Boss, Steve Moss, Dana Lanza, Angelo King and Nuru Mohammed received millions of dollars for projects that had nothing to do with mitigation and the youth of Hunters Point who were most affected by the aging power plant. Besides suffering from the toxins from Hunters Point Shipyard because they all live in close proximity.

The Mirant powerplant does the same and most everything within a 3-mile radius is directly impacted and most everything within a 6-mile radius indirectly impacted. There are hundreds of other toxic hotspots some on Hunters Point Shipyard and others outside that not only impact all the parcels on Hunters Point Shipyard A,B,C,D,E, and F but the surrounding area most of which is Public Housing.

The international world knows about the very high incidence of Asthma and Cancer that befalls the community now living in Public Housing a few hundred feet from Parcel A. Now the City and County of San Francisco is encouraging Brand New Housing To Be Built on a Toxic Dump which is Parcel A. Go figure.

Marcia Rosen is not a decent person. All those who are pushing for this project will fail.

We have not yet got all the reports from the final Historical Radiological report. We are fully aware of other Radiological factors from other sources. We know from the hundreds of death and institutional memory that not all the questions linked to toxic hotspots on Parcel A can be answered by some novice scientists that depend of some of the factors and have failed to do a good study years ago.

The cloak and dagger research done in the past is coming to haunt everyone. One must remember that once two large Shellmound belonging to the Ohlone were destroyed near and around Parcel A. It is not easy for immoral people to go unpunished. Of course Developers and Politicians being devious do not have compunction and lack the discernment that comes with spiritual wisdom. Any immoral plan such as contemplated by Lennar BVHP LLC will fail. Better cut off your losses now or forever hold your shame.

As to the crooks, which are many and some, have been mentioned in this article please stop your gimmicks. Do not convince yourself by using false logic and illegal terminology that you can fool all the people all the time.

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