Anyway you look at the deliberate invasion of Iraq we the United States of America had NO business attacking Iraq without any preemptive attack from Iraq itself against our Nation the United States of America.

International laws and many International countries including France, Germany, the Soviet Union, China, India do not agree with the United States blatant attack on Iraq. Now that we have lost over 600 of our precious soldiers we do not know how to save face but it is our leaders who should be responsible for a plan that has failed this Nation.

After 9/11 we had cause to go after the Taliban and have not finished our Mission there. But to attack Iraq under the pretext that Iraq had some poor Weapons of Mass Destruction - was a lie. If there is any country in the world that has WMD it is the United States. If only the people of United States were told the number of bombs we have dropped in Afghanistan and Iraq and how many of those bombs have killed innocent people?

No Nation should go to war. One goes to war only as a last resort. Our Nation knows that we should have learned from World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. But No, the younger novice Bush wanted to avenge an insult that was targeted on his father the Senior Bush by Sadam - so the younger Bush used the resources of this Nation to fight a senseless war that has cost us over 600 precious lives. Over 200 billion dollars of the taxpayers money is being spent in Iraq and thousands of innocent people have been put harms way.

The Muslim Nation of Iraq will never ever bow to a Christian Nation that is America. It will take us hundreds of years to understand the mentality that is Iraq. They may treat us friendly but on their own terms an infidel is what we are America - in the sight of most Muslim fanatics who will never ever acknowledge America's friendship.

Today the war has taken a worse turn and Mosques that are places of worship are not being used as fortresses to wage war on America.

Our stupid mistake has got other Nations involved and they are now questioning - if indeed a stupid Superpower like America can be trusted?

We have learned what happened to Spain and that Nation is mourning the death of thousands. The Spaniards want to bring their troops back from Iraq. The same in Japan the people of Japan do not want their citizens or troops to be at the mercy of fanatics who use devious and thug tactics to capture and torture their citizens who have gone to rebuilt Iraq.

Here is the United States and closer to California daily the Media captures the sorrow of family and friends who are disillusioned as to why young Marines under 20 years should be brought home in body bags.

I remember when I worked for Sixth U.S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco. I remember when we went to Kuwait lucky for us we did not bring back any body bags and lucky for us we finished that war in less then a month.

During Desert Storm/Shield we could have captured Sadam but we did not. Sadam did not surrender to us but his Generals did and signed a treaty. Why do you think this happened?

As I have said many times our troops are trained for war not to police rouge countries and chase coward thugs who will not fight you face to face. These thugs hide and take potshots at our troops. It is important that the Iraqi people understand that America and most of our educated population loves our troops but we do not agree with the faulty policies of the White House.

I was watching Condoleezza Rice. She looked straight in the eye of the Commissioners and lied. That says it all. Now General Colin Powell has another tale he is saying that he was misinformed. Soon the story will change but it is too late - over 600 innocent young soldiers have lost their precious lives.

America wake up and never ever start a war on any Nation without justification. We go to war only if any Nation attacks us first. Let us not be the world's bully - that is what other Nations are calling us. The shame is on our White House leaders not the people of America.

To the over 600 American families, relatives and friends we share your sorrow and hope that the death of your loved ones was not in vain.

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