The United States of America using a low-key formula transferred its occupational power to the Interim Government of Iraq - June 28, 2004. For the first time in many years hopefully the people of Iraq can move freely, speak freely and what is more live peacefully.

Iraq the land of Abraham and of an ancient civilization has much to teach the world. It was very unfortunate after the fall of the Turkish Empire that much of what is now Iraq was divided. Kuwait was part of Iraq and the British chose to carve that part and deprive Iraq of a vital port. The Baath Party killed the freedom most Iraqis enjoy and of course Sadam helped the Baath Thug Party in the killing of thousands of innocent and out spoken Iraqis. The Baath Party thrives in Syria.

With this transfer the people who stood by Iraq all these years will be able to govern their own destiny. At least for sure we know that 5000 lb. bombs will not be raining from the skies. We hope that what happened in the jails of Iraq under American and Coalition Occupation will not be repeated by the Interim Government of Iraq.

In the mean while our American troops should leave Iraq in toto. At first it will be difficult but every country has to go through the pangs of trials and tribulations - go through the fire - and stand tall.

Thousands died during the American Civil War and we forget that such a fact happened in the very short 200-year plus history of the United States. Iraq has a civilization that is thousands of years old and over the years millions have died in that part of the world.

Modern technology and warfare has reduced killing of human beings much like thousands of flies are killed by modern pesticides. This is wrong. What modern technology in warfare has done is shown no mercy to innocent civilians who have no part in the actual war - but made part of the equation. Towards that end America, Britain, and some Coalition Forces should be ashamed of themselves.

This transfer of power is good. Our troops should return home. On the home front Bush should be removed from power.

In a couple of months Sadam Hussein will go on trial. We hope the world sees him for what he is. So far we have not heard a word from him. He may reveal many skeletons from the times Rumsfeld was cozy with him when Iraq and Iran were at war. Much like the Central Intelligence Agency was cozy with Osama bin Laden in the 1980s. At that time the CIA taught Osama and his buddies to fight the Russians. Now the CIA finds it difficult that they are getting a dose of their own medication. Always beware who you share you bed with!

We hope that just like the Iraqi people have their own fresh government the same will happen to the United States. We get rid of Bush and the Bushes once and for all.

We must remember the bigger picture this land we call America belonged to the First People and was stolen from them. Those who have blood on their hands have to pay a price. Guilty as they are, they bully those Nations who cannot defend themselves. I challenge the so-called Super Power to take on North Korea. Or for that matter Iran. Or even India. The United States would never dare take on China.

Today it is not about brut force and bombing. The countries with wisdom and true knowledge know this. This is the past. In all the deliberations the United States has forgotten - spirituality. Not the fake one that George Bush Jr. purports to preach but the sound spirituality one of the First Peoples. The Founding Fathers learned a lot from the Iroquois and the Six Nations. Many of us forget about that. The Hopi have always been a guiding light but materialism, greed, warfare, murder, killings, and false pride have always blinded the White Man.

Much before the uncivilized White men learn about Democracy it was in place for thousands of years. How ever the White man being what he is ignorant in the ways of spirituality will always begin history having the White Image as the starting point. It is this stupid way of thinking that has brought about mass killing of the soul, mind, and body all over the world.

What does it profit a person to gain the whole world and loose one's soul?

We wish the people of Iraq the best and share in their hopes and aspirations.

Hopi Myth

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