Conduits - 112 KV at Islais Creek.


The Board of Supervisors of the City and County of San Francisco know about 3 conduits that run under the famous Islais Creek. These 3 conduits over 4 feet in diameter also run under the Main Force Pipe that carries over 80 million gallons of secondary effluents into the Bay. Seasoned engineers who have visited the site after studying the soil assessment evaluations and reports are aghast how the City and County of San Francisco could permit such a project which has and can in future jeopardize the out flow of most of our City's secondary effluents after being treated at the Southeast Raw Sewage Treatment Plant.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003 at the San Francisco Port Commission Meeting two women representing MUNI were there to discuss the 4th item on the agenda - the conduits. When asked what exactly was the purpose of the conduits none of them could answer. The two women from MUNI were there to get a tacit nod from the SF Port Commissioners but Kimberly Brandon one of the Commissioner kept asking questions to the utter astonishment of the two MUNI women representatives.

The least MUNI could have done is sent a representative - perhaps one well informed about Engineering and Infrastructure but as has happened before MUNI makes a fool by having ill and misinformed people representing the interests of the constituents of the City and County of San Francisco. The MUNI Lightrail project MUNI says costs upwards of $500,000,000 - I say more!

I had asked to speak on agenda number four and when I went to the podium I explained to the Commissioners present that at a future date MUNI and SF Public Commission should be called and asked for an explanation. 3 large conduits under the Islais Creek and no one to explain to the SF Port Commissioners what exactly are they for?

Well, the main purpose is for SF PUC to tie the old aging Pacific Gas and Electric Power Plant to Mirant. This ploy to connect the two aging Power Plants via this conduit is disgraceful. We all know that PG&E have always used its diabolic ways to make money. But this time they have teamed with San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. Today, it is a shame that SF PUC has teamed with the devil to connect the old PG&E Power Plant with Mirant to keep the older PG&E Power Plant operational well beyond 2010. We all know that Mayor Willie Brown wanted the Power Plant shut in 1998 but as this rate with all the corruption PG&E is laughing all the way to the bank. Even as the old PG&E plant is kept alive, millions of tax payers money goes to PG&E just for providing energy and polluting the environment.

It is imperative that the Board of Supervisors investigates the conduit and the multi-purpose plan MUNI and the SF PUC have in mind. As and when the conduit connects the two power plants the high power connection can and will act as a GRID through which turbine engines and other small PEEKER PLANTS can be attached to. The Crooks who planned the underground conduit think that out of sight is out of mind - but not in this case.

It is a shame that the SF Port Authority is allowing access of the conduit not only on Port Property but facilitating access to through Port Property all the way by Cargo to the old 40 year plus polluting toxic PG&E plant by Heron's Head Park. Consultants were busy surveying the area by Cargo Street to install a Sub-Station. The public demands an Environmental Impact Report of the whole area. Imperial data on air, soil, and water samples in the whole area.

Now, MUNI says that all it wanted the conduit and the cables contained in it, was to power the proposed and now in construction MUNI Lightrail. How ever GREED knows no bounds and some wise guy took it a step too far. We know at least one of the conduits will carry fiber optics to facilitate a highway of information. Catellus Corporation could profit from this investment, as they are the prime movers of the proposed movable Illinois Bridge. This bridge has no purpose but to help Catellus Corporation with future projects and towards this end it has invested millions. What bothers most people are the conduits carrying very high power voltage.

The conduits and the movable bridge at Islais Creek comes with a price and Bode Gravel, Hanson, RMC, Pacific Cement and Specialty Crushing have all contributed to the proposed movable bridge. Simply put the SF Port Authority has linked each and every lease on Piers 92,94, and 96 to the movable bridge. Even Norcal paid its due in order to get a longer lease - Norcal deals with Recycling at Pier 96.

The dirty businesses, which we call concrete, aggregate, and sand have all been driven out by Catellus as the Mission Bay projects keep sending businesses away towards the Southeast area of the City. Today, Piers 92, 94, and 96 congregate all the dirty businesses. This includes the recycling plant operated by Norcal and all of them on SF Port Property.

Now, all of Port Property belongs to the People of California. The manner in which Public Trust Land is managed is very clearly stated in the Burton Act. How ever the SF Port Authority did not pay much attention to the Burton Act until very recently. PacBell Park has no direct Maritime Use but it was built without any opposition not following the Burton Act. The businesses around Pier 70 are far away from the proposed uses mentioned in the Burton Act - but City Tow and others continue to hurt the constituents of San Francisco and the extended Bay Area with corruption and pollution. Other businesses keep polluting the Public Trust Land, which comes under the jurisdiction of the San Francisco Port Authority and belongs to all the people of California.

No one would have thought a time would come when our representatives would betray the constituents of San Francisco. With the conduits under Islais Creek that is exactly what has happened - Crooks have managed to bluff the constituents and in the name of Greed are keeping operational the old polluting PG&E plant by Heron's Head Park which is very polluted and where many young people are taken and put at great risk. This time Earth Day was held at Heron's Head Park - a few hundred feet from the old polluting PG&E plant and one of the most toxic sites in the City of San Francisco.

The old PG&E Power Plant keeps killing infants as it has done for decades. We the constituents do not want the old PG&E operational for another day but here some Crooks have come out with a ploy to keep it operational to kill more infants, youth, and elderly constituents.

The aging Power Plant has caused Asthma, other respiratory diseases, cancer and many other diseases that adversely impact the people that live near the Hunters Point Area adjacent to the aging polluting Power Plant. The Mirant Plant too is closer to Hunters Point then to those who live on Potrero Hill - but liars keep saying the Power Plant on the Hill.

It is time that Executive Order 1298 is applied to the PG&E Power Plant. That the Independent System Operator and Federal Energy Regulatory Committee stops the blatant abuse by Energy Corporations that pollute in the name of GREED. It is time that they are taken to task and huge fines are levied against them so that such projects are stopped and nipped in the bud.

It is a shame that in this day and age such projects are carried on by a so called civilized business community that has NOT learned much from ENRON and the Energy Crooks who destroyed the economy of California. What is most pathetic is that SF PUC and MUNI now are working not so much to help the constituents of San Francisco but to adversely impact them by connecting the two aging Power Plants with this DIABOLIC umbilical cord under Islais Creek.

The old PG&E Plant must go. It is time that the four turbine engines be placed in neighborhoods that have NOT taken the burden experienced by the constituents of the Southeast Sector - Bayview Hunters Point.

If we follow the GRID, the ENERGY HIGHWAY we could place one turbine engine at the Presidio of San Francisco, another one within distance of the Larkin Sub-Station and one by Brisbane. A location for the fourth turbine engine has been found by 5th and Market very near the Mint Building.

Bottom line the PUBLIC wants to know what is up with the 3 conduits under Islais Creek and by Pier 92. What exactly is the short and long-term purpose of these 3 conduits? Any takers!

Under Islais Creek connecting Mirant to PG&E Plan.

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