Time to Act and Unite!


The world is still waiting for the movers and shakers at the White House to find out that big cache of weapons of mass destruction still to be found in Iraq.

It is simply pathetic how this once Great Nation allows some dumb ass leaders to lead so many to do so much harm all over the world. Panama, Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Iraq to mention just a few places around the world.

We, as a Nation should remember that we are NOT the policemen of the world. We must also remember that we have NO right what so ever to kill innocent people - especially young children.

The first time around in Iraq during Desert Storm and Shield we used a lot of depleted Uranium in our ammunition and armament and the effects of that war affected many of our young service women and men.

It took years for the Department of Defense to admit that our women and men were not just pretending but indeed were suffering from an illness that was termed the Desert Storm Syndrome. In the interim I personally saw many of my good friends who went to serve as very healthy personnel return very, very sick. This was devastating to so many of us who were so tight with those we worked and loved so much.

During Desert Storm and Shield Sixth U.S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco had jurisdiction over the twelve Western States. The Presidio of San Francisco trained the Reservists and that particular war saw the most Reservists ever participate in a War in Contemporary times.

We amassed a great army and bombed the living hell of Iraq. This war lasted less then a month.

Decades before that war we trained Iraq and were cozy with Saddam Hussein. We encouraged him to kill the Iranians because we did not like the regime that deposed the last Shah of Iran who was our friendly despot.

This Nation has the habit of making friends and going to bed with strange heads of States. We use some Nations and as quickly as we make friends we dispose of them and severe our relations. Our International Policy stinks!

Some in the White House often say that this is a Great and Strong Nation. Indeed this is a Nation that belongs to the First People who we also call Native Americans. We stole the land belonging to the First People and if one really wants to know how kind we have been to our First People - one has just to go and visit the Reservations where MOST Native Americans are forced to make their home mostly on barren land.

There is NO nation is the world that has deprived the First People in such large number of their own land and showered so much hardship on a people that embraced us when we first came on the shores of this land called America.

We celebrate Thanksgiving remembering the gifts and food the First People gave the first strangers who were White. Among the gifts were food - corn, berries, and wild fowl. Today, the wild fowl has been substituted for Turkeys, none of which were found at that time. Turkeys were imported later to America. Cranberry and modern corn substitute foods that did not exist at that time. Even Thanksgiving has been faked!

Most importantly we NEVER mention that the Founding Fathers were in awe how the Six Nation or the Confederacy of Nation all First People governed themselves. The Founding Fathers copied a lot of that practical governance into the Constitution that we know today. Again I say NO ONE reads or hears about this very important fact.

In World War I and World War II, Native Americans fought for this Nation with little or no respect. Similarly, from the early days of the Civil War - African Americans then called Negroes fought for this Nation and thousands died with little or no respect. I still have to fight to tell the world about the famous Buffalo Soldiers!

The war on Iraq stupidly termed Shock and Awe because one cannot kill unarmed innocent children and elderly with superior arms and dare call it Shock and Awe. It is a shame that we killed so many innocent Iraqis.

What we did in Iraq using depleted Uranium causing untold harm for generations will come to haunt us. The blood of innocent Iraqis in upon the hands of those in the White House who should be ashamed of themselves. I hope some scientist reading this article exposes the CROOKS so that the world knows exactly what happened.

This web site took a stand early on using a number of Op-Ed pieces. Thanks to Joel Skidmore who made sure many of my writing were up before the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times. I have a method of monitoring the hits on my web site and it was fascinating. It was fascinating to see how many hits came from those in the Services. For sure they felt what I really felt. I could write what they could not. I could feel their feelings and the paradox was - I was NOT embedded nor in bed with anyone of the Crooks who took a lead to bring about the unjust war that was the Iraq war.

The so-called Smart Bombs that were ordered by the Dumb Leaders tipped with Depleted Uranium will kill millions slowly in the years to come. The paradox is that this reality will affect our Service women and men as well as the people of Iraq.

We did learn a little bit the first time around but the leaders of this Nation are very slow to learn. They really do not care because most of those who go to serve come from poor families not the filthy rich kids who never ever serve a day in the Service. And that for sure, this mentality includes the present President who ran away and hid when he was called to serve the Nation and that too as a Reservist.

In the mean time Bechtel and other such corporations that have links with Dick Channey, Rumsfeld, the Senior George H. Bush, others, are all participating in looting Iraq.

As I stated a long time ago, when the Iraq war began - they will destroy so that they can build. They will go after the OIL. They will destroy the culture of a Nation - one of the oldest civilizations in the world. The civilization that gave us NUMERIALS, ALGEBRA, GEOMETERY, and much more. The Father of all Nations, Abraham came from Iraq!

It is simply wrong to use ammunition and arms tipped with depleted Uranium and other such toxic elements to kill innocent people. No good can come from VIOLENCE. No good can come from putting innocent First People on Reservations. No good can come from putting so many African Americans lingering in Jails all over this Nation.

Right now the White House has cut millions of dollars to our Veterans. These are Service men and women who served our Nation in prior wars.

Right now the White House is NOT making funds available to our children so that they can go to school and learn and be the future leaders of this Nation.

Right now the White House is treating Senior Citizens with disdain.

Right now our Nation Health System is in shambles.

Right now no one really knows what to call the state of affairs prevailing as far as our NationŐs Economy is concerned?

Right now millions are out of jobs.

Right now all over this Nation millions are homeless.

Right now millions live in fear - dog eat dog!

Right now we have Tax Cut where millions will go to the Filthy Rich!

Right now the world does not respect our actions in Iraq and all over the world.

Right now the world is wondering why we killed so many innocent people in Iraq.

Right now the world is wondering why have we NOT kept our word in Afghanistan.

Right now the world is wondering what this HomeLand Security is all about?

Right now this Nation is wondering if we are worse than the regime that was propped up by Hitler!

Right now this Nation is being deceived and few are thinking!

One by one our fundamental rights are being taken away from us.

Right now is the time to ACT.

Right now is the time to get rid of the VERMIN that have destroyed the moral fabric of this once Great Nation by voting them out.

Right now may be the time to elect a WOMAN as PRESIDENT and change the way we do business.

Right now we have to control our destiny or else we will forever regret it!

Right now is the time to give back this land to the First People!

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