Some years ago if we had discussed the possibilities of cyber space none of us would fathom the unique possibilities cyber space offers, today. We have been blessed in the sense that we can communicate with so many and share so much that we consider important and progressive. The issues we post on this web site affect thousands. We shun from issues that are limited and parochial and strive to communicate and fight for those issues that affect the majority. In the process we have encounter static from inept and corrupt entities but what works for us is grassroots support.

We are all human. As much as we try to understand our limitations, again and again we fully understand that GREED and POWER two elements dear to SOME humans destroys rather than builds up good relationships, constructive and progressive projects, negates dynamism.

Life is growth. At the same time we all understand there is only so much we can do in a limited time. Of course we have to have some priorities, realize that some issues are very important and others less important. There are some issues that always will remain important. These fundamental issues are universal and so they are all pervasive. Every human being should be respected. Every human being has the right to be free. Every human being has the right to express oneself. Most of us would not think twice about these rights. There are some, who think other wise and it is these few that we have to deal with on a day to day basis. It is right to fight for values that are just and demand justice. It is wrong to fear the corrupt and inept. Those that crush and harm the JUST and innocent because of GREED and unjust POWER.

The past millennium gave us some great leaders. Each one of us has in mind some leader or leaders we admire. The past millennium brought about some drastic changes. The new world was discovered. Nations crossed oceans to trade with other nations. Religion and religious beliefs helped shape society's way of thinking and living. Sometimes for the better and some times for the worse. The last two centuries stand out. Again and again dictators left unchecked created wars. There was the great Civil War where millions died. There were those who were filthy rich and those that were very poor. Those that were educated and those that were left uneducated. The curse of all times, slavery. Killing of the Native Americans and other indigenous people all over the world. The industrial revolution, the rise the fall of Communism, creation of the atomic bomb, the fall of the Berlin wall, the demise of the Soviet Union, the release of Nelson Mandela, the Internet, Wireless Communication, Economic prosperity, the riding Bull Market, consolidation of billion dollars companies, advances in medicine and health care, International Trade, diseases that stifle our imagination, millions died in Rwanda and Burundi and in Cambodia, one of a kind films, archeological finds, International Understanding, space exploration, freedom in so many countries all over the world, in short we humans have made so much progress and many paid a price with their lives.

We also witnessed the killing of millions in Africa, Cambodia, Eastern Europe, Argentina, and so on. Wars that could have been stopped but were given free reign. Today, many of the so called developed countries fully understand that PEACE is better. America's intervention in Bosnia, Kosovo, the Middle East, East Timor, address our global concern and is a move in the right direction. America still has to address the turmoil in Africa, Southern America, and the South East Asia to name a few. Today, America can use its economic power to curtail turmoil. A powerful tool much more than weapons of destruction.

On our home turf we have pressing issues to reflect upon. We have millions of young women and men in jails. Many of them put behind bars for crimes that are not criminal in nature. Jails DO NOT rehabilitate, they are a breeding ground for criminal activity.

We have not addressed the issues of RACE. It is just a matter of time before RACE issues will force authorities on all levels to accommodate humans as equals. In other words if one is qualified one should be accommodated to give her or his best to the project or job at hand. The color of one skin is secondary. Again and again racism and its ill effects have caused untold damage, even here at the Presidio of San Francisco.

The human dynamics of yester years have changed. Today, it is possible for any human to excel and exceed. The tools are there. How ever we live in a society that has to function as a unified body and in this model respect and justice is a norm. One cannot deny any human being, woman or man, because of the color of their skin, their religion, their life style, incindenary elements, their right to a job, to justice, to progress. A right to contribute to the advancement of our society. Most understand this concept, but their are pockets that fail to realize the philosophy of co-existing as equals.

The new millennium will offer us challenges. At the Presidio of San Francisco, much of the ineptness and corruption will taper down. One cannot bluff the people all the time. We have some elements that have wasted the tax payers money, time has exposed these culprits, it is just a matter of time before they have to leave and go elsewhere. The new millennium gives them a chance of their life time, to change their corrupt ways. This site will expose crooks and the corrupt based on concrete documentation as opposed to hear say and unfounded allegations.

The Native American issues are here to stay. We can accommodate them through respect, understanding, and fortitude or choose to follow the path we have followed till now and for ever repent. The new millennium offers us a challenge in the right direction. One of reconciliation and constructive well being towards those whose land we all live on.

The concept to herd the Native Americans on to Reservations and keep them isolated is wrong. To deprive the Native Americans of sound education and the benefits of progress is wrong. It is time that all those tribes that should be Federally recognized by the government of the United States be recognized. I will personally bring this matter up to the President of the United States in February, 2000, while I am in Washington, D.C.

The Native Americans have a rich culture. They were the fore runners of true Democracy. It is a shame that our White Society has taken a stance to negate the Native American culture. Created films, used propaganda to nullify all the good and brought out those aspects that hinder respect and progress.

It is a shame that we in the United States, have polluted our land, our air and our water. The Native Americans always held Mother Earth with the highest respect. They never used more than was necessary and were the fore runners of a society that practiced recycling.

While it is very easy for most of us to understand that food and water is a vital necessity for physical survival. That knowledge is critical to our understanding and contribution towards progress and development. For some strange reason we have to think twice about spiritual growth. The new millennium will offer us new horizons and spirituals benefits hither to unknown. The time is ripe.

Again and again in all civilizations the crowning accomplishment have been the arts. Music, dance, paintings, sculptures, buildings, writings, films, the great wall of China, the Pyramids, the mounds of the Aztecs, the Panama and Suez canals, the Taj Mahal, in short the best we humans produce is that which other humans admire and get inspiration from.

Today, digital technology, super computers, aerodynamics, engineering feats in construction, mechanical, electrical, and structural engineering, have far surpassed what could ever by attained by any civilization known to us.

And so we come to the point. What does it profit us human if we have so much, and can do this and that, and yet we cannot live at Peace within ourselves and with our friends, with our neighbors, and with the citizens of this shrinking world?

It may sound strange but just in the past couple of weeks, we the United States opened our defense systems and operations to those that might harm us because of the Y2K factor. For years we tried to convince ourselves that we were powerful. As the Y2K day approached experts convinced the highest authorities that we could fall prey to our own weapons. We could trigger a war without meaning to really destroy ourselves.

Now that we have opened our doors to the so called enemy and to the weapons of destruction, we should open our hearts to healing and the betterment of all humanity.

We have the power to tame Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Syria, and a host of other renegade countries possessing weapons of destruction. We have the power to bring changes in our small world. Bring progress across towns, cities, states, nations, countries, the world.

The Internet has no barriers. The Internet has already begun a revolution and I foresee much progress in the new millennium. We are thankful to our supporters, our patrons, and those who have stood by us. The new millennium will spur us on to a better world.