The world is laughing at us and we call ourselves a Superpower.

The destiny of a Nation lies at the hands of its leaders. Today in the White House we have a bunch of LIARS. It is important for any leader to speak the truth and be honest when it comes to putting the lives of any single American on the line.

America is a great Nation. This land first given to the First People was taken great care off. Once there were Buffalo and thousands of other species that those without a vision - destroyed. Our Nation has still great resources and the greatest resource are our people. Thank God for the First People we can enjoy great hospitality here in America.

Middle America today is a giant sleeping zombie that has again and again sided with the Republicans and swolled the Republican pill much like an innocent child will chew on some candy sugar. We have said that it was WRONG to wage war on Iraq from day one and today we say the same. At first Middle America was gunho but today it has fully come to its senses - the President lied and with him his cronies who have destroyed the economy of this great Nation.

The war in Iraq has cost us BILLIONS. Over $150 billion.

Our deficit is at an all time high. We owe China billions of dollars in trade deficit. We have lost all respect in Europe. In Asia and the Middle East we are looked down upon. Even the people of South America think we are nuts. In Brazil we are forced to follow the same rules we impose upon those visiting our shores. We are finger printed and our mug shots taken to make a mockery of rules we imposed on strangers who are innocent here in the United States.

We stand in lines and allow security to grope and search us much as we do our thieves and those who have committed crime. This phobia that there is bomb under every bush and danger lurking at every corner has created a mental problem and the Nation is confused and lives in fear. No Superpower lives such a life of misery and uncertainty.

No Superpower at any time in history has lived in such a manner except perhaps those in Rome when Caligula the crazy Emperor ruled supreme and burned the City of Rome. Daily, slowly we are burning our assets and here at home the poor are on the increase. The Elderly cannot afford to eat and have not proper medical care. Those on Social Security and with minimum income live day to day much like an indigent on the streets of New York, Chicago, and San Francisco.

The lying Republicans continue to spew lies and paint a picture that everything will turn to gold even though it is a dream. Once this Nation was strong but now it is weak. The moral fibers of the Nation have eroded and at center of this great tragedy the Republicans and the Bushes for whom the world has no respect.

Middle America better wakes up and elect a new President and may the new President NOT be a warmonger. We go to war as the very last resort. We go to war to safeguard our interest of freedom and liberty. We do not go to war so that we can institute the so called faulty Patriot Act at home and put fear into good, innocent, hardworking Americans. We do not go to war to put our innocent service women and men in harms way. Today, over 520 and more of our service personnel have died. No one in the White House is taking responsibility. Wake up America - time to bring our service personnel home.

Once you were wise America but the Bushes have brought you down fall. Once there was a certain respect for sound elections but the past Presidential Election was flawed. Wake up America. Today all we have is our Freedom and Liberty - let not the Bushes and their evil kind - take that from us. Never. Wake up America.

A bird in the hand is worth two in the Bush - the Bushes are about destroying. Wake up America!


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