Where are the WMD?


Long before any strangers from Europe landed on this land we call America the Native People, the First People of this land lived and enjoyed the goodness of the Earth.

I have made mention many times about the Six Tribes, the Great Confederacy and how the Tribes governed themselves and earned the respect of all - including the many Europeans who were recent immigrants in America over 230 years ago.

It has always baffled many great minds how some little minds with very poor judgment initiate war as a means to making peace. This method has never worked and one can study each and every war. While it may appear that destruction and killing the so-called enemy may bring some gratification in the long run - killing and bombing never ever bring peace.

As a philosopher peace does not mean destroying the enemy and bring any Nation to one knees. In recent times Nations have had ample access to information. How ever what is important is sound education. Many a time dumb and stupid politicians will initiate actions that belie sound judgment. When will they ever learn is the perennial question?

It is a shame with all our intelligence we have not been able to find large amounts of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. Notice how this website has waited for so long, months after the bombings have stopped and months after we have had ample time to search Iraq. After all we did have the best intelligence, we called the cards but we cannot now pull that ACE card and call the game.

In recent days we have learned that thousands of innocent civilians have died. Those of us who understand the operations and workings of war are shocked that billions of dollars in bombs, and war operations have taken a heavy toll of our economy. We the citizens of United States were LIED and there is no doubt that this treacherous behavior calls for the highest adjudicating body to set the matter RIGHT.

No one who has lied to the Nation and to Congress should be allowed to go Scott free. If we set a bad precedence we will sacrifice our freedom on the altar of falsehood and deception.

Over the years Congress has given away its right so much so that today sound bites and the media, prompted by the powers that be can confuse, condition, lie, and take the Nation on a wrong path.

Hitler did that at one time. After millions were killed today there are still many who firmly believe that Hitler and his regime of thugs did not commit any crimes. Killing innocent people is wrong under any circumstance. We accomplish no justice using force such as the bombs we used in Iraq bombing the living hell on a Nation that did not have any real means to defend themselves.

Today the makers of new bombs and other military equipment are restocking the inventory and those that have stocks and shares in these companies are laughing all the way to the bank. These killer makers who kill innocent people have blood on their hands and it is wrong to attack any Nation without sound justification.

Today after months of searching and looking high and low we have found NO weapons of mass destruction. It is astonishing that Sadam Hussein and his sons and immediate family are no where to be found.

We have the best intelligence in the world but we cannot after months even suggest where Sadam is hiding. This website suggested Syria and now may be Libya. But he and his harem could enjoy the hospitality of Zimbabwe! Or would it be wrong to say that Sadam has been spotted in the Bahamas! Some spotted owl revealed that to the bald eagle somewhere in Oregon according to a newspaper in Caracas.

Our Founding Fathers learned a lot from the Six Tribes. One has just to read the history of the times. Our Founding Fathers if they were alive today would be shocked at the current state of affairs. Intelligent citizens are afraid to speak the truth. Crooks are using whatever means possible and asking for more power to subdue sound judgment and act on matters that only Congress should adjudicate without any duress.

The two main political parties we have today are so much alike when it comes to them falling prey to sound bites and rhetoric full of lies and facts that the public at large really has NO clue about the facts at hand.

Iraq as has been stated on this website is the center of human civilization. The world is a better place because of contribution of Iraq. Many of the bombs and the trajectory used were made possible because of the geometry, algebra, and numerals, all of which originated in present day Iraq. What a paradox that the wisdom of old Iraq was defiled by stupidity to defame and destroy the ancient civilization of Babylon!

Not a day goes by when our dear American Soldiers are not put in harms way. Every day we hear of a soldier being killed. Try convincing a family who has lost a loved one that they are there still trying to find WMD.

We have no business staying in Iraq trying to sell water to the Iraqis. We have no business trying our level best to sell the oil and make profit. We have no business trying to be the world police enforcer and fail. We have no business destroying our economy and that of other nations.

Our Nation is very young it has much to learn. This Nation should adhere to our Constitution and stay away from those fanatics who encourage Congress to give them extra vested powers. Beware of future Hitlers. If we continue on this track this nation will have nothing to live for but terror in our own homes.

This Nation is governed by the people NOT a few fanatics who have lied to this Nation and are trying to destroy human decency. We should stop searching for the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. We should now concentrate on those who LIED and bring them before the Courts so that this Nation knows - who indeed should we fear most?

It my opinion we have right here in our back yard LIARS who have to be feared much more than the WMD. It is important to note that our Founding Fathers came here so that they may be free. Over the years the First People were deprived of their freedom and land and put on Reservations. If our freedom is taken from us we all will be put on a Reservation with no boundary but with lots of restrictions. These liars will stifle our spirit and kill all that is good, beholding, precious to the people of these the United States of America.

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