Willie Brown is a consummate liar who has the gift of smooth talking and that is all he is about in a nutshell. You should have watched him deliver his last City Address on the steps of City Hall October 28, 2003.

Using his Napoleonic flair twisting ideas and throwing half-truths in every sentence sugar coated with lies. He tried to tell everyone present that Phillip Burton was his mentor but failed to state that Phillip Burton was not corrupt and did not amass wealth from special interests, as did Willie Brown. Willie Brown's single legacy in Sacramento was pandering to Special Interests. He brought that evil seed and planted it at San Francisco City Hall.

There is no doubt that Phillip and Sala Burton were good people. I cannot say that of Willie Brown, Nancy Pelosi and a few other Democrats who have disowned the constituents who use to vote for the Democratic Party.

During the last 8 years Willie Brown has ruined the lives of many innocent people. Foremost among them Kevin Williams who worked at the San Francisco Airport and who was bold enough to state to the authorities the corruption that went on at the San Francisco Airport. I can quote other names but will at the appropriate time.

Working with corrupt corporations like Catellus Corporation Willie Brown forced corrupt City Planning officials and other City officials to tow the line. Mission Bay sits on millions and millions of tons of toxic soil. No one in his or her right mind would be proud of such an achievement. - Willie Brown does. The brand new University of California San Francisco Campus sits on a toxic dump. This is a paradox that the world understands but not Willie Brown. The same with SBC Park it had and has toxic soil, it does not meet environmental standards.

Willie Brown encourages Lennar BVHP LLC to build 1600 housing units on a toxic site and very near toxic methane gas and other radiological hazardous material at Hunters Point Shipyard.

As far as Willie Brown is concerned - as long as the crooks harp on the fact the Willie was instrumental in building SBC Park, Mission Bay, UCSF Campus at Mission - that is all that matters. Willie is a clown who has lost his judgment and if it was not for his smooth talking and sugar coated lies, his wagging tongue that has no bone - he would be just be another wannabe.

He praised Douglas Wong who is the San Francisco Port Authority Director - he had to, who in their right mind would give a permit to City Tow to operate at Pier 70 and fleece the constituents of San Francisco.

Willie Brown spoke about Pat Martel and San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. Well with a $1.6 million bond power has gone to the head of SFPUC. If the constituents of San Francisco are not vigilant we will suffer. We have hope that as and when a new Mayor is in place - Mayor Angela Alioto will see to it that justice is done and those who are corrupt are given the boot and justly so.

Willie Brown hired over 200 Special Assistants most of them his cronies. They misused funds that the constituent of San Francisco paid for services. Willie has always been for himself and his arrogant pompous self will be no more soon - good riddance of very bad rubbish. Of course his cronies will miss him and those that will miss him will jump ship. Long after they jump ship Karma will follow them and those of us who have seen the evil deeds will record their deeds for history.

Willie promised the dumb, ignorant, arrogant Sophie Maxwell that the PG&E power plant would be shut down in 2006. Well, he said that before and mentioned 1998. Willie is a liar and has no clout now especially that he is a lame duck mayor.

Willie Brown made his last City Address speech and the good thing is that soon he will be no more. The City of San Francisco looks forward to a new Mayor and to better days. Hopefully with Mayor Willie Brown gone on January 8, 2004 this great City will see honesty and decency. Hopefully this City will get rid of all the rubbish that Willie Brown and his cronies are famous for.

Willie Brown and the City of Saint Francis Assisi do not go hand in hand.

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