When thousands of young, informed, educated, progressive voters, voted for Matt Gonzalez they sent a clear message to the status quo establishment that use to govern San Francisco - time to close shop, time to change your ways - NO business as usual. Democrats.

For years thousands of San Franciscans put their faith in the Democrats and it worked as long as Sala and Philip Burton and before them some Democrats were sensitive to the feelings of the constituents of San Francisco. No more.

Now if have Senators and a Congressperson who are as fake as the two inch makeup they wear. They have not served the constituents of San Francisco and it is time they pack up their bags and forget about bluffing the people all the time.

At City Hall we had our first experience of true democracy when the Willie Brown cronies wanted the Board of Supervisors to approve a sweet heart deal at the San Francisco Airport to build a Cargo Facility that would take thousands of jobs away from San Franciscans.

Progressive Supervisors like Matt Gonzalez, Chris Daly, Aaron Peskin, and Tom Ammiano spoke against the Cargo Facility. Most of all our hero Mr. Rose from the City exposed the contract and revealed to the cronies and the public at large how corrupt crooks constantly come up with projects to fleece the constituents of San Francisco.

Bottom line it is not business as usual. Those politicians who do not serve the constituents will be removed. Time to appoint a new person in the place of the old, aging, inept Congressperson. Time to whip her out of office. Also the inept Senators - time we have a real man to stand up for our causes.

The recent Matt Gonzalez victory has sent a shiver down the spines of the democrats - they now know that they cannot play the cloak and dagger games of yester years. They better wake up and leave - a new generation of politicians is ready to make waves and bring change.

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