It was a little over a year ago
That circumstance from high
Brought you to me
Sitting on that long gone sofa
Dreaming what to accomplish
At Hunters Point in the Bayview
The river runs and we wade
Day in and day out
We look for guidance from an Eternal Source
Tackle issues never tackled before
Often times before those legislators
Looking them straight in the eye
They wonder so do we?
Is it the words or action?
That can and should make a difference
Health is wealth - which is what I say
Money helps a little but more that
Which keeps our circulation and heart beat
Playing to the tune of harmony
In all these good times we have seen
So much - in our unique way
Me sitting on that low sofa
You on that G4
Life is for the living I say
Not for the living dead
There are those who only talk
And those who walk the walk
The human being is very tenacious
More the spirit that overcomes
Adversity - in the face of more adversity
You are the strength that walked the desert
With no water to quench your thirst
You climbed the mountain before
And was that runner on the plain
Life has been good - very meaningful
You are that tower that sees it all
Sit still and bring all vibes to heal - eternity!

Andrew this is a poem that I wrote especially for you at about 11:10 p.m. of April 29, 2003.

I want you to be very strong and face any obstacle with the will of that tower that you are.

I will be there to support you just as you said today you watch that ass of mine as I seem to forget where I am - lost in my days.

  Francisco Da Costa
April 29, 2003
San Francisco