Dear Monica
we have chosen to honor you today
for all your loving and caring
at the Presidio Nursery
the long hours of planning and toiling
to better the Presidio of San Francisco
the numerous volunteers, the Interns, Public Relations
all have come away, with a sense of responsibility
we have watched you from a distance
know the sky would have been the limit
if it was not for all the red tape, the housing and funding
the bottom line is we are in good shape
we honor you today, with a special wood carving from Shane
treasure it with love, think of us, and come play with us
when you have the time,
the plants love you, mother earth embraces you, and all of us
thank you dear Monica, as a trusting and loving companion
go blossom and spread the seeds of love and compassion!

Francisco Da Costa
Fort Mason
May 24, 2000