I remember
As if it was yesterday
In the early 1960s
That one of a kind song
And singing of
James Brown the genius
Years later
In the United States
I met the man
when circumstances
turned against the self
made man and money
was wanted by the IRS
there are Blacks and there is a Black
who owned his own Radio Station
and made hits and money by the millions
as geniuses come - he was one a kind
proud to be Black and proud to be Poor
rich in talent and a sharp performer
I was watching the sharks
At his death
Jumping on the bandwagon
Pretending to touch his cloak
And being as fake as plastic
The world has lost a man but more a genius
Who could belt a mean song and dance
As if possessed by the Supernatural
Go in peace James Brown

Francisco Da Costa

January 1, 2007